Title: Dead Fury

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Animation / Horror / Gore / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 82 min

Director: Frank Sudol

Writer: Frank Sudol

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1282036/

Max heads out to the woods with his friends and his Pop to do a little hunting. The tables turn as to who becomes the hunted as a family of freaks with bloodthirsty revenge on their minds place a curse on the land. Anyone who trespasses in the woods will become possessed by demons and have their souls torn apart.

Our thoughts:
Frank Sudol's follow up to "City of Rott" takes on the supernatural and demon sub-genres and this time, he does things a little differently. Instead of paying homage to one particular sub-genre he parodies it while also paying homage to several movies, particularly "Evil Dead". Going by the negative things people have said about the movie it almost seems that the parody element to the humor and general ribbing of horror movies may have been lost because it is more subtle than what you usually get with parodies.

That maybe why I was able to enjoy "Dead Fury" as much as I did because the parody aspect was a lot more subdued and really doesn't get in the face of the viewer trying to be humorous. Which is a testament to Frank's humor and writing ability; the ribbing is there but it doesn't get taken to the extreme which is where I think some people miss the boat who complain about certain elements in the movie. It's not to say they are unjust with their views but there are some bits of the story and the characters that when looked as a straight-forward comedy doesn't work as well. When you take into consideration the tone and the grand scope of the joke, do you begin to see what Frank was trying to say.

One of those aspects that "Dead Fury" receives a lot of flack for is the female character being annoying, and she is. She was suppose to be since in every horror movie you always have that one hysterical character that's so unbelievable stupid and irritating you can't wait for them to die. That's what she embodies so her character isn't suppose to be taken seriously and you want to cheer for her impending death but unfortunately her annoying self does become much after awhile.

That's one of the negative aspects of the movie that I hear about regularly, for me, the negative things that I found with "Dead Fury" are pretty much the same issues I had with "City of Rott". Like "City of Rott", "Dead Fury" didn't have an unreasonable runt time but still it felt like it could have benefited from being shorter. Most of that comes from stretches of pointless dialogue exchanges between characters that were often series of swearing and insults. The other big thing for me, again much like "City of Rott", the kills became repetitive. There is more of a variety in "Dead Fury" as quite a few different weapons were used but by the end it all began to look the same.

Even though the movie's pace is a little slow, the kills become bland, and it has one really obnoxious character in it I still enjoyed "Dead Fury" quite a bit. To me, "City of Rott" is Frank's strongest title but even so; continuing on with being a one-man project Frank brought a lot to the table with "Dead Fury". The comedy is good (I liked the humor in here better than I did in "City of Rott") and it features some great writing that shows Frank's love for the genre by being able to be clever and subtle with his references and spoofing. The action is still enjoyable even if it maybe repetitive and while it may only be animated, the gore is fun as well. Because I have so much fun watching Frank Sudol's movies I'll always recommend them, but for people new to his work I strongly suggest starting off with "City of Rott" first as I think "Dead Fury" is better reserved only for those who enjoyed Sudol's first movie.

Positive things:
- Fred returns to play as the character Pops.
- Clever parody.
- The comedy has improved.
- Great designs for the characters and the overall look of the movie in general.
- Good animation.
- The Freak Family is classic.
- Is that a bit of Bruce Campbell I see in the character Max?
Negative things:
- Like "City of Rott", it could benefit from being a bit shorter.
- Repetitive kills.
- Some annoying characters.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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