Title: Deep Dark

Also known as:

Year: 2015

Genre: Fantasy / Horror / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 79 min

Director: Michael Medaglia

Writer: Michael Medaglia

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2914740/

When Hermann finally acknowledges himself as a failed artist and thinks about ending is life in fear of never being able to reach his dreams, a voice calls out to him. A voice coming from a hole in his wall. A voice that promises that it will help him achieve his goal of becoming a successful artist. Soon all of Hermann’s dreams start coming true but things turn dark and deadly as the disembodied voice starts becoming more obsessed with Hermann and sees herself as more than just his muse.

Our thoughts:
It’s strange to realize you can have hesitation with a movie like “Deep Dark” since it has an interesting synopsis but there’s something about it that’s familiar. Too familiar. Even though there’s not another movie that specifically has similar plot. Though the idea of a disheveled protagonist that’s struggling to exist only for them to finally have their wishes granted, and their dreams come true, by an outside force is far from uncommon. Hell, at this point, even having something living inside of a wall is at the point of becoming a cliché itself.

As always though, the important thing is not how original a movie is but how well it tells its story. While there was that initial hesitation due to some territory familiarity, “Deep Dark” did prove to be a successful screening because of the choices in direction with the story. Although I have to say the main plot of the character Hermann becoming an artist was the low point of the movie. The story’s structure is solid and it works in the long run, but there’s was little to no interest there and the scenes felt rather flat. Even emotional scenes where a gallery dealer confides in Hermann about her own insecurities as a failed artist did little to increase investment in the story or the characters.

I do admit it is a tough area to criticize because, again, that main plotline works well within the movie and is properly weaved into the subplot of Hermann finding a muse with an interdimensional creature that lives in his wall. It just feels superficial at best (the main plot, that is). What makes the movie work though is that relationship between Hermann and the wall — oddly, “Deep Dark” actually tells a rather human story within this strange setup. How an unlikely connection results in someone being able to live the life that they thought they had wanted, while simultaneously reminds us that the things we want are necessarily the things that we need. Certainly “Deep Dark” could have gone down the familiar path of a story about a person’s dream becoming corrupted by that same external force that allowed it to come true in the first place. Instead the movie went in a more natural direction of a person’s success causing them to go blind to things that matter — or rather, the relationships that matter.

It's what lead to my enjoyment of the movie and why, even though parts of the movie felt like a retread, I thought there was a solid story. Also because it brought some emotion out of an unusual scenario and successfully explored the intended themes. To clarify my statements a bit since it seems like I’m making “Deep Dark” come off as a deep, emotional movie when that’s not the case. What “Deep Dark” is, is a satisfying movie that takes an unusual and almost abstract concept and mixes in light drama elements with some grotesque horror pieces. The movie also never lets itself stay too far off and lose itself in those unusual parts of the story. It keeps itself grounded with it’s characters and themes which helps in allowing the idea of a man establishing a relationship with a hole in a wall come across as genuine and not needlessly esoteric. While there are parts of “Deep Dark” that felt a little dry and flat, overall, it’s enjoyable because there are enough interesting elements used in a well told story.

Positive things:
- An enjoyable story about a man and a hole in the wall.
- While the concept is a bit abstract it never goes too far and focuses on what's important: the story and the relationship of the characters.

Negative things:
- The main plotline of Hermann becoming an artist, and the subsequent scenes of him going to galleries and whatnot, was uninteresting.
- I understood the point, and the humor, in having text appear on the screen to indicate that certain scenes were like pieces of art (naming and describing the piece) but it didn’t work well with this movie. Had it been another movie with altogether different tone, it would have worked better.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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