Title: Demon Queen

Also known as:

Year: 1986

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 70 min

Director: Donald Farmer

Writer: Donald Farmer

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0186024/

After nearly being beaten to death by a fellow drug dealer, Jesse awakes to find that a mysterious woman named Lucinda saved his life. He repays the favor by letting her stay at his house and once she arrives, Jesse begins having disturbing nightmares of demons, witches and gruesome murders. With people dying all over the city, Jesse is left to try and make the connections between his nightmares, the murders and the alluring Lucinda.

Our thoughts:
"Demon Queen" -- Donald Farmer's first feature length film and a highly sought after VHS obscurity (a tape sold on ebay for over $700) finally finds its way to DVD thanks to Massacre Video. Sadly, I don't have any previous experience with Donald Farmer that I can recall with clarity. I once watched and owned "Savage Vengeance" but that was so many moons ago that I remember nothing. That meant, for me, my first venture into "Demon Queen" would be my first venture into the exciting cinematic world of Donald Farmer.

"Demon Queen" is about…To be honest after it was over I wasn't exactly sure what "Demon Queen" was about since there are more than a few random moments in the movie. Here's what I could piece together from dedicated research: Jesse, a small time drug dealer, is about to be killed by Izzie, the coke dealing dwarf, and his goon, Bone, after a deal goes bad and $6,000 is on the line. Jesse is saved by a mysterious woman who shows up and bites a chunk out of Bone's neck. To show his gratitude, Jesse has Lucinda, the mysterious woman, come and stay with him and his girlfriend. Things go from bad to worse as throats are ripped out and the dead come back to life and Jesse begins to realize that all of this is because of Lucinda -- a demon.

Since the movie was the first feature for the now infamous Donald Farmer and considering it was made it 1986, on VHS stock with a budget of $2,000 -- it should be obvious that "Demon Queen" wasn't going to be any ground breaking masterpiece. And it wasn't. The simple premise is stretched pretty thin in order to make the 70 minute runtime and the movie has quiet a bit of filler. Even though it has no direct affect on the Jesse/Lucinda storyline we keep finding ourselves back at a video store more often than we should. But that is kind of the charm of the movie -- it's a sleazy, gory, random, mess of a movie.

Not the good kind of messy. Or the fun kind. But the bad kind. Or I don't know, the niche group that is into these movies I'm sure the bad kind equates into the good and fun kind too. Anyway, yes, the movie is the typical bad SOV trash that you know isn't going to be good but you watch anyway. A majority of the acting is terrible and generally the movie is incoherent but "Demon Queen" makes up for what it lacks with surprisingly good FX, bewbs and ludicrous scenes (often with hilarious dialogue).

However, "Demon Queen" is not the type of movie that anyone can walk into and enjoy its no-budget charm. This one is strictly for the shot-on-video aficionados and the Donald Farmer fans -- anyone else who attempts to venture into this territory will not likely survive the experience. For me, it's bad but it is about on par with its SOV brethren like "555" and "Splatter Farm" -- I shouldn't like it but there is some enjoyment to be had and there are some quality aspects, unlike "Hellroller". The best thing is that this once rare and obscure movie is now readily available thanks to Massacre Video which means you won't have to sell your neighbor's organs to be able to see it. Unless you really want to do both.

Positive things:
- Mary Fanaro does a good job.
- Some surprisingly good FX work.
- While pointless, the scenes in the video store were amusing.
Negative things:
- It's what you'd expect.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

We bought this movie from:
Massacre Video

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