Title: Demon Rage

Also known as:
Satan's Mistress
Demon Seed
Dark Eyes
Fury of the Succubus

Year: 1982

Genre: Horror / Supernatural / Possession

Language: English

Runtime: 98 min

Director: James Polakof

Writer: James Polakof, Beverly Johnson

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083031/

Lisa is a lonely housewife, her husband hasn't given her any attention in almost 2 years, her daughter is busy with her own life, and the general isolation of their home. Her loneliness attracks the attention of a ghost, and soon a supernatural torrid affair is begun. When Lisa further isolates herself from her family while she continues on with her affair from beyond the grave, it isn't long before some other evil spirits make their presence known.

Our thoughts:
I really don't know what I was thinking watching this, going in believing that it could be fun and enjoyable when there were so many red flags indicating other wise. Let see, the first warning should have been how many alternative titles "Demon Rage" has, hell that's not even its original title, the original title is "Satan's Mistress." Normally having alternative titles isn't a bad thing, except in this case where all of the alternative titles are for domestic distribution and not international. There is the opening credit sequence where the title "Demon Rage" doesn't even have the same font as the rest of the credits, not to mention the suspicious orange bar going across the screen that I'd say was put in place to cover up the old title sequence. Ignoring all of that, what really should have told me to turn back was it started off with classic movie gimmick of "based on true events." Very rarely does a movie that employs that gimmick work, and this is no exception.

The supposed true story that "Demon Rage" is based on, obviously comes from the same story that "The Entity" was based on. Some altercations to the story were made, such as the female lead starts a sexual relationship with a spirit out of loneliness, rather than being raped. As if some how we are all going to be dumb enough not to make the connections between the two movies and realize, that one is trying to cash in on the success of another.

Besides the knock-off aspect, the movie starts off ridiculous and progressively gets worse as it goes on. When the ghost first shows up, its obvious that the budget was limit-less as they clearly bought the best crayons money could buy and hired the best animators. The hand-drawn cartoonish ghost was bad enough but when it starts moving so roughly, that it looks like it came from an old 8-bit video game, you'll probably already be reaching for the remote to hit the stop button. I know I did, actually I had to throw the remote across the room to keep from hitting the stop or the fast-forward button as this isn't even the worst part. I guess the people who wrote the plot outline on the back of the box hadn't seen the movie, as they says the wife is attacked by an "unseen force." Eh, bullshit. When you see the face of the ghost right from the start, then it gets to a point where there is a full body apparition of the ghost. That's not really "unseen", now is it?

So if the key point of the movie is awful, how can the rest of the movie be good? Well it can't. The story moves along so slowly, it felt like it took all day to watch the movie and I guess they figured a woman having sex with a ghost isn't interesting enough so the supernatural activity increased. Friends and family start falling victim to supernatural acts, the daughter becomes possessed by an evil female spirit that just shows up for no reason and no real connection to the original ghost. Satan gets involved, and before you know it, people start dying off, including someone getting decapitated by a guillotine...In a beach house, in the basement, a man is killed by a guillotine. Who the fuck keeps a brand new, working guillotine in their home? I can't even get my brain to wrap around the logic of that setup.

Well the ghost scenes are awful, the story is mind numbingly ridiculous, so of course everything else is going to shitty too. The acting is atrocious, the movie is filled with ridiculous stock footage of an animals eye to indicate supernatural activities. The editing makes the movie jump around so randomly, you'll end up missing what's going on in the current scene because you're too busy trying to figure out what the hell just happened in the previous scene, and how it got to where it is. It maybe considered sexist or perverted, but really the only thing that made the movie worth sticking out was the nudity provided by Lana Wood. There really isn't anything else in here worth watching, unless you're a masochist who enjoys the pain from watching a shitty movie.

Positive things:
- Lana Wood playing the role of Lisa.
Negative things:
- It's unoriginal story that was done much better in "The Entity."
- Laughable acting. Best way to show fear is apparently to bug your eyes out.
- Horrible audio and visual effects.
- The randomly placed guillotine in the basement.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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