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Title: Demon Resurrection

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Independent / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 87 min

Director: William Hopkins

Writer: William Hopkins


Grace's friends are setting up an intervention for her when they believe her new boyfriend has gotten her into drugs. When they arrive at the secluded house they quickly realize that what's up with Grace is far worse than a drug addiction.

Our thoughts:
When I think of modern independent zombie movies that pay respectful tribute to Italian zombie classics, I usually go for Brian Paulin's work due to how he designs his zombies - and the amount of practical effects and gore. The majority of zombie movies are more inspired by George Romero than Lucio Fulci, which is understandable, but unless you strength is acting and story writing you shouldn't try to make the new "Night of the Living Dead" - instead look at the Italians and see how to make some highly entertaining cheese. William Hopkins's "Demon Resurrection", which has a few years on its neck by now, was one these that didn't get a lot of attention upon its initial release.

Grace's past with a cult is about to put her life and the lives of her friends in serious danger. Her friends arrive to do an intervention for Grace, thinking she is addicted to drugs after after meeting a sketchy guy. The friends arrive on the same time as the cult has decided to come for a visit - and they want her back in the cult. So they do the sensible thing... they resurrect the dead. The friends have to fight the living dead, but the real question is why the cult wants her back so badly.

I'll be blunt, this wasn't a good movie. It suffers from many common issues with independent productions. This includes bad sound, poor use of CGI, an overall cheap look to it, pretty shoddy acting, you know the drill. It's from 2008 but plays in many ways like the early movies starring Misty Mundae (or any movie starring her) - minus the amount of smut. I say that hoping that you will understand the quality we're talking about. The late '90s/early 00 indies. You could say that this is slightly less weird, less graphic, less gory and less ambitious than a Brian Paulin movie - a director I enjoy even though his movies suffer from certain similar things.

All of this said, the movie does one thing right. It pays tribute to the Italian zombies and it delivers pretty fun zombie make-up and effects. There's no reason to complain about the poor plot when you know what they tried to do, and instead I want to focus on this part. They did add some silly CGI glow around the zombies which I don't get at all (demons or zombies, neither should have ugly CGI glow!), but I am a sucker for fully rotten "costumed" zombies even when they suck. The movie is generous enough with the nudity, as you'd hope for a movie that looks to the '70s for inspiration. Gore-wise it's enough to sit through, but not anything above the averge. If you can somehow look past the many flaws, then this could at least serve as a fun time with a friend and a bunch of alcohol.

The issues with "Demon Resurrection" are not so severe that they make me hate the movie. But, it comes off as very bland as we've seen literally hundreds of indies with the same flaws, concepts and ambitions. It's simply a movie that did very little for me. The one thing that seperates this from many of them is that they're inspired by Italian zombies, but that's not enough for me to revisit it again. There is a lot of love put into "Demon Resurrection", there's no doubt there. They clearly dig many of the great exploitation, occult and zombie classics.

Positive things:
- Enjoyable zombies.
- Some nudity and gore.

Negative things:
- I'll sum it up in one sentence: suffers from very typical indie movie flaws and is overall a forgettable experience.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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