Title: Den som söker

Also known as:
Crestfallen (English title)

Year: 2013

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Mystery

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 96 min

Director: Johan Lundh

Writer: Johan Lundh

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2182097/

The death of Tuva's parents reveals that she was adopted. She decides to seek out her biological parents, and it takes her to a small, secluded town. She brings her daughter with her to the town where she was born and spent her first few years. Her stay there unravels a series of strange situations and memories all tied to her adoption.

Our thoughts:
Swedish movies often just fall into my lap, as I rarely go out to find the new ones. I had never heard of "Den som söker" until I got it. It's always fun to see what my country has created, but I'm quite often disappointed too. Without any sort of expectations or prior knowledge, I went into "Den som söker" with a curiousity. This mystery/drama blends a little supernatural with its made-for-TV-esque drama qualities, something that made it a bit more appealing to this website.

When Tuva's parents die in a car crash she finds out that she had been adopted. Like an obsession she decides to bring her daughter with her and return to the town she's allegedly from to find her biological parents. At first it seems impossible to find anything about her past, but slowly a dark past is crawling out of the cracks. What was the reason for her adoption, what was wrong with her mother, and is Tuva heading down the same path? And what are they trying to hide?

There are subtle additions of the supernatural in the movie, but it works more as vivid memories/sightings. It's not exactly ghosts. That's great, because the movie doesn't need it. I even think the little use of it they had was time spent wrong - it should've focused even more on being the mystery and revealing it, and not let these memories guide her. That'd probably make it less approrpriate for our website, but enhanced the movie. After all, it's all about revealing Tuva's past. Eventually it does, and the ending does work, but I didn't feel involved enough for it to affect me emotionally.

Josephine Bornebusch and most of the cast manages to hold it up well. They're quite clearly from Swedish schools of acting, you can just tell from the very theater-y performances, but I don't mind. In most ways, it's what you expect from somewhat big Swedish movies - sometimes much more than that too.

"Den som söker" spends a lot of the time trying to build a scary atmosphere but it doesn't exactly need it. We're more curious about what has happened, and I wish the mystery involved us even more. It's still a pretty solid drama movie that works even though it rehashes a lot that we've seen before. I recommend it for a casual movie night with a close one, or on your own. If you're with your buddies, there's other fish in the sea.

Positive things:
- Stable cast.
- Some intense moments and revelations.
- Good cinematography for the most part.
Negative things:
- The green screened opening shot, and some of the day-for-night/summer-for-autumn shots.
- Nothing new.
- Could have spent more time involving us in the mystery if it scratched some of the horror elements.
- The random Lars von Trier-esque shot in the woods.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0/5

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