Title: The Director's Cut

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Paul Komadina

Writer: Paul Komadina

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1371623/

Mike is a frustrated director; surrounded by a cast that couldn't care less and a crew that can't appreciate or understand his vision. Reluctantly, they head to the Outback to get Mike's movie shot even though accidents start to occur before they even arrive to their filming location. Accidents and an unreliable crew are the least of Mike's problem as there is a killer in a koala suit picking members off one by one.

Our Thoughts:
"The Director's Cut" is one of the latest movie-shoots-gone-bad flicks along with "Brutal Massacre" and "Smash Cut" but this one comes from our friends from the land down under. That's right, Australia. Plus it's not about a horror movie being made either. Even though the movie is taking place in the Outback they suffer the same problem: tyrannical director, a cast of misfits, an unresponsive crew, oh and the killer dressed in a giant koala bear suit picking people off one by one. That's normal right?

"The Director's Cut" is your pretty standard fare of who-done-it style murder mysteries. Lots of red herrings placed through out the movie leaving the identity of the killer to be anyone. When the bodies start popping up and they're brushed off as an accident or the director hides it from his crew so the movie will keep going. More bodies pop up until all hell finally breaks loose. And like most other movies about movie shoots going bad, "The Director's Cut" is done with comedy but here it is a bit blacker than most. Movies like "Terror Firmer", "Brutal Massacre", and "Smash Cut" are all extremely silly movies and understandably so; it is a silly concept after all. "The Director's Cut" has its tongue-in-cheek moments with a crew member getting his fingers cut off with a car door, or another one exploding in a shed where he was smoking pot. Overall though it keeps things a little more serious and heavy handed; letting the morbid nature of a killer on a movie set provide more of the laughs than being goofy like its peers.

As a horror movie "The Director's Cut" isn't bad for a would-be indie slasher, but as a dark comedy it doesn't work nearly as well. Most of the jokes and humor tends to fall flat through out the movie; at times I even forgot that what I was watching was suppose to be a comedy. The movie isn't able to find the right delivery or the punchline for its jokes and spends most of its time poking the audience for something. There are some chuckle inducing moments but it never quite reaches the top of the pillar of having the right blend of comedy and horror. It would have certainly been worse though had the movie gone in direction of being silly and having its humor fail. With its serious nature it's a little more forgiving as you can watch "The Director's Cut" more for the horror rather than the humor, which is what helps to keep the movie going.

Like almost all of the movies we've received from the wonderful folks at R-Squared Films, "The Director's Cut" is a well polished production and is very well made in most aspects. Plus it's great to see an indie feature from Australia as they don't tend to produce horror movies very often. The downside is that movie doesn't work as a black-comedy and the movie never is able to get its hooks into you. Once you watch it you will have easily forgotten it. With that being said, it did have a good horror element to it. The killer dressed in a koala suit was great fun for being something different and it had the right spirit with the stalk-n-slash formula. Not to mention a fantastic ending that will really screw with the audience. The flat humor is rather disappointing but thankfully it has the horror aspect to fall back on and to help support the movie. What really hurts "The Director's Cut" though is there isn't enough sustenance; after it's over you'll be left wanting something more. It just doesn't have what it needed to make it memorable and stand out in the crowd.

Positive things:
- Killer in a koala bear suit.
- Great ending.
- Slick production.

Negative things:
- Failed comedy element.
- A fairly forgettable movie.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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R-Squared Films

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