Title: Dirty Diaries

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Collection / Feminist Porn / Experimental

Language: Swedish / English

Runtime: 105 min

Director: Mia Engberg, Joanna Rytel, Sara Kaaman & more

Writer: Mia Engberg, Joanna Rytel, Sara Kaaman & more


A collection of shot-on-cellphone-camera feminist porn hailing from Sweden, varying from experimental films to standard adult film.

Our thoughts:
I need to say from the start that my expectations of this were fairly high and made me disappointed in the DVD, however I have realized that my disappointment came out of the fact that I had misunderstood what the collection would contain. I was more focused on it being experimental feminist porn, and therefor expected them all to be alot more experimental than they ended up being. After giving the movie a while to sink in before I judge it I can say that it's better than my first reaction.

Unlike some other of my DVD collection reviews, I won't go into detail about the shorts, but do more of an overall thing. The disc contains the shorts; Skin, Fruitcake, Night Time, Dildoman, Body Contact, Red Like Cherry, On Your Back Woman!, Phone Fuck, Brown Cock, Flasher Girl On Tour, Authority, For The Liberation of Men and the bonus short Come Together. My main issue is that most of these are in fact very close to standard porn, except (from what I've heard, as I couldn't tell on some of them) they are shot on cellphone cameras. In our days of porno stream sites that are filled with amateur porn, I can't say that specific detail is something that left an impression on me whatsoever. But there are a few of the short films that stood out. "Body Contact" is a good example. It's about two girls trying to find someone on the net willing to be filmed while having sex with one of them. This was interesting because it's something that is very apparent nowadays with our IM programs, contact websites and webcams. Another one I liked for different reasons was "Flash Girl On Tour". Even though the narration sometimes was extremely silly, I had a blast seeing this woman flashing everywhere. It was just a bright spot in this otherwise bland collection. As for experimental, the one that struck me the most is "Fruitcake", even though there was more to wish for, it stood out for what it was.

The DVD is a nice addition to the Swedish film scene, of course, and I give it up to the girls behind the films for making these films as porn is and will always be taboo. In a small country such as Sweden, I feel it's harder to keep your anonymity while also making porn.

One thing me and Preston were discussing about all of this was their manifesto. It's not that what they stand for is bad, but it comes off as awfully pretentious with stuff like "1. Beautiful the way we are" and "2. Fight for your right to be horny". But I guess it's nice to see movements starting, it's about time something stirs it up, even though this is pretty innocent.

Is this DVD worth a purchase? I'd say that if you like smut and odd shorts, sure, go ahead. But if you are expecting something much more experimental, probably not. I am having a hard time deciding which is better, this or the art porn collection "Destricted". Both have some decent things, but most feels somewhat like a waste of talent (this is especially apparent in "Destricted" since alot of great known director were part of it). If they decide to make something more like this in Sweden, I'm gonna keep my eye on it.

Positive things:
- "Flash Girl On Tour" and "Body Contact".
- Seems like it has gotten quite good response, which makes me wonder if there will be more from this group.
Negative things:
- "Brown Cock" was probably the worst short on here in my opinion.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 1/5

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