Title: Dirty Love

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Anthology / Horror / Experimental / Exploitation

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Patricio Valladares & more

Writer: Andrea Cavaletto


"Dirty Love" is an anthology film. It has three different stories about bizarre versions of love. The first one is about a cannibal and two cops who are investigating the crimes. But a crime can be hard to solve when the victim might be the murderer and vice versa. Second segment has a family man in a motel room with a hooker. The hooker thinks he just wants to do stuff his wife doesn't agree with, but time shows he's sadism personified. The final segment tells the story of a man who's about to leave his wife for another man. Thinking over his decision, he changes his mind, but the other man's feelings are too strong. So strong that he's willing to mutilate himself to become the right one.

Our thoughts:
"Dirty Love"... Geez. What a movie. I didn't know anything about this film at all, even though two of the segments in this film are released earlier. I found director Patricio Valladares when I was looking for information about his other film, "Curriculum", which is a film that looks really cool, so when he gave me the opportunity to watch a screener of his new film "Dirty Love", it was hard to resist.

The film starts out with a strange laughing cowboy who is chasing a woman. The cowboy has a bull skull tied to a rope that he drags along with him, and he uses this to kill the woman with when he finally catches her. After the kill, it skips directly to the first segment. But before going into that segment, I'm gonna talk more about this one. This isn't one of the three segments of the film, but rather the thing that ties them all together. Before the finale, we pretty much just see this cowboy killing people with his bull head. It feels pretty pointless up until the end, which was when it explains everything, and it was a pretty cute way to tie the films together, as silly as it was. By silly I mean the weird samurai guy who sets out to kill the cowboy.

Anyway, first segment, "Eat Me Tender" starts after the first killing, and it was a pretty cool little story. It has two cops at a crime scene, investigating a corpse that is pretty much just a pile of bones, intestines and gore. Meanwhile, we see shots of a man who sets up a camera in front of a bed before going off to do naughty things with a girl. As they start to fool around, more and more violence becomes part of the act, and at times it seems like they are both enjoying themselves. And they are, because this little weird thing they have going on ends up with them eating eachother. It's not really alot of story involved here, but frankly, who needs that? It's a cool segment, but it's my least favorite of the three. There was just something that felt a little off about, something I really can't put my finger on.

Next story, "No Ordinary Love" is about the typical too nice family man. At the beginning of the film, he calls his wife telling her how much he likes her and whatnot, but as soon as they hang up we see the hooker that he is keeping in his motel room. The hooker assumes his wife doesn't want to do some of the things to her, so he got a hooker instead. Of course, since she knows about the things he wants to do, she says she'll need a little more cash. The deal is done and they start messing around. When he can't get an erection, he becomes more and more aggressive, and eventually starts beating and raping the prostitute, who is now screaming at him to stop. He ties her to the bed and dips his penis in glass from a broken mirror. He starts raping her until she bleeds; alot. When he's done, he sits down exhausted on the floor next to the bed. The girl sees a chance to escape so she starts tying up the rope, but instead of running away, she starts to put needles through his cock. That's about it. I thought it was a fun tribute to the rape-revenge genre and it was actually pretty darn harsch. The rape scene was nicely done and had good actors, especially the woman. I especially liked how they did a shot from inside of her vagina (or anus?), as we see it penetrate. A unique shot, especially for films that aren't education porn. Even though it obviously was special effects, of course.

"You Like This!" is the final segment, and it started out pretty tame and mildly annoying. It's about a man who is cheating on his wife with another man. One day he tells her that he is leaving her, and she of course becomes upset. Later we see a sex scene with him and the other guy, where he comes to his senses and tells the other guy to stop, because he probably just was curious. Bad idea, because this triggers some strange shit. Up until this point, the film has just been some weird experimental erotic gay film. We even had a scene where he's watching gay porn on the television and gets his face squirted with lots and lots of... shampoo! Yes, shampoo. It may look like sperm, and I thought it was at first, but the amount of it made me realize that it's probably just shampoo, possibly soap, and I don't think they intended it to be anything else but that. Basicly, it just has scenes like this, until the final scene which was a pretty disturbing one to be honest. I don't want to spoil too much about this, but I can say that it worked well even without graphic effects. The second is my favorite tale, but this one wasn't bad at all either.

Patricio Valladares has made a very good exploitation tribute film, and unlike other people who supposedly make exploitation tributes (Tarantino?), it's made with love, without money, and with plenty of awesomeness. They even got the look right. The graininess could've easily fooled me that it was made way before the 90's even. What adds more to that effect is that the film is from Chile, so we don't see plenty of over-americanized shiny stuff. It's not perfection, or the sickest thing out there, but it got the deed done. A few moments were pretty ridiculous and hard to take serious, which was a little let down, but it didn't take long before the film got back on track and became a sickie again.

It never tries to rely on large amounts of gore. I love gore, but if a movie can be this twisted without it, more power to them! My only complaints in the effect department would be the fake dicks they use. They look terrible. Really, they could've made the film without them and gone with the "it's what you don't see" route. Only in the segment with the needles does it look good, when they shoot it from the right angle (which they don't always do). Second complaint would be the random shots of CGI that they throw in there. There was seriously no point for this, pretty much all CGI scenes could've been cut out and nothing would've been lost.

The actors are very talented. It's hard to know when an actor sucks if they don't speak your language, but you can always see if someone has talent, and that's the case here. Even though we have some weak spots here and there, most of them show promise of future careers (hopefully in more films like this).

The film has the look of an exploitation film, and god bless it has just as much brutality, if not more. It has it's flaws and everything isn't perfect, but it's one hell of an independent exploitation tribute. From a country that isn't exactly the leading country in filmmaking even! That's something that I always like seeing; "new" countries taking a stab at horror.

Positive things:
- Patricio Valladares is a very talented director. Looking forward to see his other films.
- As perfect as an independent exploitation tribute from Chile could be.
- Some seriously fucked up moments.
- The screen that comes up before showing male nudity, warning for the coming scene, along with having a timer counting down to ten. So random that you gotta love it.
Negative things:
- We have more male nudity than female (but it still has plenty of boobage).
- The CGI effects and the fake cock were totally pointless to have in the film.
- Somewhat silly at times which makes it a little less shocking.
- The fake penis in "No Ordinary Love" was censored. What the?

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 3.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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