Title: Doll Boy

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Short / Horror / Slasher

Language: English

Runtime: 27 min

Director: Billy Pon

Writer: Billy Pon & Lee Ankrum

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1791495/

After a massacre, a surviving group of eight people are left in an abandoned building in Texas, and are soon chased by a big man in a baby mask with a huge sledgehammer by his side.

Our thoughts:
After hearing some great things about "Doll Boy" on various blogs I figured I'd ask Billy Pon for a copy myself and see how it is. I can't say I knew too much about it since whenever I read a review I usually just go to the final conclusion, and that basically left me in the blind, which I suppose usually is good. Even though I had heard it was supposedly great so I had still endured some hype.

Plotwise I don't think it's much more than a way to set up a slasher. We have a group of people being locked into an old abandoned warehouse of sorts, and it doesn't take long before they meet the next obstacle in their lives - a crazy over-grown baby man in a mask. He chases them through the building with his massive sledgehammer and crushes anyone he can get. So essentially a very typical slasher plot, which is okay. It's not trying to fool you so I'm not holding it against it. It knows very well what it is.

Because it essentially is a slasher, a subgenre I usually find myself bored with, I can't sing praises for this movie. It's well-made and works, but it's just not unique enough. We have some alright cinematography, the kills are okay and the killer looks pretty creepy, but that's about it. It's hard to make something that stands out in this subgenre, but at least Billy Pon pulled it off. It's definitely not bad at all, I think fans of the subgenre would enjoy it. For me it's just something we've seen before and that something isn't what I am looking for.

Overall, "Doll Boy" shows a lot of potential. It has great production values, actually, and even though I didn't fall in love with the film I think Billy Pon could make some great stuff. Before the film we saw two fake grindhouse trailers for films I think he is going to make, and I think they looked like they had potential too. As long as they're not just boring Grindhouse wannabe films. "Doll Boy" might not be something too unique, but it knows what it wanted to do and it does it. Check it out if you want to watch an alright slasher short.

Positive things:
- Well-made.
- Looks good.
- The kills, even though they're not very gory, are pretty good.
- Pretty creepy looking killer.
- Good sounds.
Negative things:
- Nothing we haven't seen before.
- The darkness made it hard to see.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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