Title: Do You Like Hitchcock?

Also known as:
Ti piace Hitchcock? (Original title)
Tycker du om Hitchcock? (Swedish title)

Year: 2005

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

Language: Italian

Runtime: 93 min

Director: Dario Argento

Writer: Dario Argento & Franco Ferrini

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0430676/

A film student enthusiast lives in an apartment across the street of where a murder takes place, and he is beginning to see patterns pointing at the murder being based on a movie by Hitchcock. When cops seem to ignore getting to the bottom of the murder, the film student decides to do a bit of investigating himself. And everything points towards him being right.

Our thoughts:
When I first watched this movie back in 2005/2006, I had seen a lot less of Argento's stuff than I have now (duh) and found myself enjoying this one quite a bit. Even though a lot of rage is put towards Argento's newer films, this was one I found to be a rather entertaining and interesting watch by him. Although never quite as good as the slightly older film "Sleepless", this one came off as a sincere attempt to make a mystery based on Hitchcock movies. A fun idea, but is it a great movie? For a TV movie, it's actually very good, yeah. But that's probably if you compare to Swedish and US TV movies, which are usually crap. A lot of good Italian directors have made TV movies above average, and even some crappy ones that I love equally (Lamberto Bava with "Graveyard Disturbance").

To make a movie about murders that are based off of Hitchcock movies is definitely an entertaining idea. And bigger fans of Hitchcock than myself will probably be able to catch a lot of references that are unknown by me. This murder mystery is about a young film fanatic who starts investigating a murder that happened in an apartment across the street from him (where a girl he often spies on lives). Due to his personal interest in this girl, he also happens to know that she often rents certain movies from a local video store where his friend works. Soon he realizes that it's very likely that the murder is based on Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train".

If we take a step away from the Hitchcock references, and look at it purely as a thriller, I think it's still an okay watch. It's nothing amazing and definitely lacks a few things. The actors are far from great and sadly our lead characters comes off as weak and not one we feel safe caring about. He might know his Hitchcock, but he's a big loser and in the end I felt other people were more important to the story than he was. And then we have the ending, which is quite an anti-climax. Even though we find out who's guilty, it still doesn't feel like an end to the story. Yet it is. I suppose the absolute final scene can be confusing too, but basically it's just our lead coming to terms with his spying on people and whether he should do it or not. That's an alright end to it, only done lazy and confusing.

One thing I have a hard time with is too many movie references in terms of name-dropping. I understand this one is about a film fan, and often takes place in a video store, but a lot of the name-dropping seemed very forced in a way to reassure us that he knows his stuff. Personally I think there are better ways of doing that, or at least try to make it seem more natural. Posters and scenes on TVs are also in here, of course, but that's not something that bothers me as much.

For an Argento movie I would've wanted more gore, especially since the murder is rather satisfying in terms of it. Sure, a bit exaggerated, but a solid death scene for a gorehound. To have a great scene like that and then follow up with the rest of the movie having very little gore is just sad. Although I suppose you can argue there are other movies for gore, but with this one I wanted more. More, I tell ya! Oh well, at least what we got was pretty good.

It doesn't matter too much, but I watched the English version. It was shot in English and then dubbed to English and Italian. Some people say the Italian is better but I feel better watching the English one if it was shot in English.

"Do You Like Hitchcock?" isn't as suspenseful as I had remembered, and actually ended up being a bit of a let down this time around. Not a bad movie, though, and probably felt worse than it is since I remembered it being better. Overall, a solid TV movie but it won't deliver many thrills.

Positive things:
- A fun way to pay tribute to Hitchcock.
- Good gore in the murder scene.
- Has some good nudity, yay!
- Silly but fun intro scene.
Negative things:
- The ending doesn't seem to be enough.
- Weak lead man.
- Bad acting.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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