Title: Dreamvisitor

Also known as:
De Droombezoeker

Year: 2008

Genre: Drama / Experimental / Psychological

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 11 min

Director: Erik Zijlstra

Writer: Erik Zijlstra


A girl dies in a car accident, while the boyfriend survives and has to live with the pain of knowing she's gone. He spends his days walking to her grave, and spending his nights having nightmares.

Our thoughts:
After the successful films from Holland by filmmaker Mike Stoffels, I wanted to give Erik Zijlstra a chance, because there is nothing more interesting than watching low budget underground films from different countries. Everyone has different thoughts, and no one lives the same life. When it's a film from a country that isn't my own home country (Sweden) or the other big and popular movie countries like USA, Japan and Italy, it's even more interesting to see what they can do. For some reason it always seem like people from countries that aren't big in the movie business take it more seriously and put their entire soul into every project.

Dreamvisitor is a short film about the sorrow of losing the one you love, and more so about how hard it is to live when the person is gone. The narrator tells us how he constantly walks among the graves, and how he breaks down everytime he walks by his wife's grave. In his nightmares he is haunted by a skeleton-looking man, or creature, in rain clothes.

Erik Zijlstra has made a very stylish movie that touches a subject that everyone hates; Losing a person close to you. But it's not a movie that will make you cry and think about people you've lost. If anything it will make you think about the life you live after they've left. The sorrow in the film is well made, but I feel that the horror wasn't there at all. Obviously it's not a horror movie, however it could've been so much stronger as a whole if atleast the nightmares were horror-ish.

The movie is in dutch so it's hard to say if the dialogue was well executed or not, but when the actor playing the narrator acts like he's crying, it felt very fake. This lowered the entire movie a bit since it has alot of crying and emotions. We don't see that many other actors either, so this guy has the movie on his shoulders. He did however try, and you can tell that with some work he will be able to convince us all.

Even though the acting hurts the movie a bit, it's still a strong movie with alot of emotions. It's very experimental in style, but never too much so that it sways away from reality. This movie is worth a watch or two..actually, I would recommend two. Watch it again after you've seen the end and try think about everything in a different way. If you're a tiny budget filmmaker yourself, there is plenty to learn here. Both in it's faults and in it's shining moments. Good job to Erik and the entire team, keep up the good work.

Positive things:
- Nice style.
- Soundtrack.
- Good independent effort.
- Ending. Not the most original ending out there, but worked well with this film.
- The Death Star Productions intro sequence was actually really cool.
Negative things:
- The acting.
- Especially the acting when he cries.
- Could've had darker nightmares.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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