Title: Erotic Escape

Also known as:
Fuga scabrosamente pericolosa (Original title)

Year: 1985

Genre: Adventure / Exploitation

Language: Italian

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Nello Rossati

Writer: Franco Reggiani

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089178/

After having to take beatings and degradation in a prison, Manuel finally comes up with a plan to escape. But when he's out he's scared of getting the cops after him so he kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy man at a party they have thrown. He now starts to lust after his hostage and start raping her, but eventually something more grows out of the humiliation.

Our thoughts:
I think I might have to say no to One 7 Movies releases that I get because I've barely enjoyed a single one of them. The closest I've come has still been far from great. I guess that I'm either the wrong person for them or they're just really bad movies. The quality certainly doesn't help either - poor VHS quality on DVD is never a hit. It's a way to get these obscure films released, I get that and it's good that someone does it, but I just can't appreciate the films. Every time I see a release from them in a package I put my head into my palms and cry a little. Nothing bad on CAVD for sending them - we're not new to feeling degraded by watching bad films, sometimes we do it on our own terms as well. And if I can tell people what I think of these films, they'll know what to escape when (if) they finally buy them.

"Erotic Escape" is probably one of the better that I have seen from them, yet I can't speak highly about it at all. The story is something that makes me think of the films my father used to like. Macho men on some sort of adventure. The manly men who kick some serious butt. I can think back and see myself bored in a couch next to him just yelling "Please, God, let it end!", and see the exact same thing happen now that I watched "Erotic Escape". Now, outside of the macho men story, this isn't at all what my dad watched. No, the films he watched certainly didn't scrape the bottom of the barrel like this one does, and weren't filled with filth (but that's a highlight here).

Manuel escapes from being a political prisoner and ends up kidnapping a wealthy man's daughter to make sure the cops won't trace him. I was already bored by this point so I missed the bit with him kidnapping her so the cops wouldn't follow him - I had to read that on the back cover. Maybe there was something said to the wealthy old fart that would prevent him from getting the cops involved (only reason I can think of). Between this and the ending, all we really get is the two walking around and him raping her from time to time. Eventually some sort of connection is made, only to be torn down a bit later. I did enjoy the last part of the film (second to last - the final scene was pointless) because I hadn't expected it, and it was one of the darker moments of it as well.

That reminds me of another thing I read on the back - "lots of nudity and over the top violence". I don't agree. So-so amount of nudity and some violence is more like it. The lady is good looking, and the guy is overly manly (with his deep, angry voice) but with make-up. It looked pretty much as stupid as it does on Johnny Depp.

What else can be said about "Erotic Escape"? It has its moments but they are so few and short that it's just not worth it. The ending is good. Maybe great, even, if this had been another movie. I'm glad it didn't follow the typical Stockholm syndrome formula that I had expected it to. I know there are real fans of these sort of films, sometimes for the simple fact that they will suck up everything that is an old Italian movie, so I wouldn't be surprised if this release will garner some interest once people find it. I suppose the title doesn't really make people buy it unless they want something smuttier and more erotic.

Positive things:
- I liked the ending.
Negative things:
- It bored me.
- Not a fan of the One 7 Movies releases.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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