Title: Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead

Also known as:
Le notti erotiche dei morti viventi (Original Italian title)
Sexy Nights of the Living Dead
In der Gewalt der Zombies (Germany)
La notte degli zombies
La nuit fantastique des morts-vivants (France)
La regina degli zombi (Working title)
Las noches eróticas de los muertos vivientes (Spain)
Le notti erotiche (Italian video box title)
Nite of the Zombies (USA, promotional title)
Queen of the Zombies (USA, video title)

Year: 1980

Genre: Erotic / Horror / Zombie

Language: Italian

Runtime: 104 min / 88 min (Germany) / 112 min (Uncut)

Director: Joe D'Amato

Writer: George Eastman

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079642/

A rich businessman dreams of building a resort on an island called "Cat Island", and hires a sailor to take him there. Because of all the myths surrounding the island, the sailor has to leave entirely without his crew. The sailor, the businessman, and the beautiful "playmate" of the businessman heads toward this island only to find out all the myths about it are true.

Our thoughts:
Being the sleazebag that I am, I have been looking for a good classic horror movie that features just as good horror as erotic scenes. By this I don't mean I wanna watch a film with terrible of both ("just as good" could be misinterpreted that way). I haven't been on a serious hunt, but occasionally I've ordered some films I've heard just that about, but mostly they all fall flat down to the ground. A title I've always liked, or atleast liked how it sounded, was "Erotic Nights of the Living Dead", but it wasn't until I heard that the zombie part of the film is actually really good, that I decided to actually check it out.

First of all, I had to get the "explicit uncut version", because.. well, fuck cutting films up. And fuck cutting out sex a'la "Thriller: A Cruel Picture". The uncut version of this little zombie film promised about 12 minutes of sex, since that's how much longer it was. Score! Can I finally have found a good erotic film that is still just as good as a horror film?

The movie starts off with plenty of sex scenes, and between them we see some scenes that moves the story along. The plot is very thin in the first half of the movie, and having most sex in the beginning of the film is very clever. We don't have to wait for it, and when we've gotten enough, they pull out the horror side to it. Excellent! When I say that the first part of the film pretty much is a porno, I ain't kidding. We have graphic penetration and everything, so the makers of this did actually know what "Erotic" meant. With a runtime of 112 minutes, it does take a while before we actually get hooked with the story. It's not until the group of three arrives at the island, truth be told. When they arrive, they meet a woman and an old man, both who seem to be very strange. The strange woman gives our male lead (the sailor, played by George Eastman) a charm that is supposedly gonna keep him safe from the horrors of this island. Not understanding a whole lot of what she meant, they continue to stray around the place. We get some sex scenes (not as graphic as the ones in the beginning), we get some more plot, we have some small mysterious things going on, like odd sounds. They start to suspect something, and yadda yadda. Eventually, when plenty of walking around the island looking like fools is behind us, we get some zombies. The final part of the film focuses mostly on the zombies and I can see what people mean it's a good zombie film, because it really is. I wouldn't say it's better than stuff like "Zombi 2", but I found just as much entertainment in this one atleast. There are some nice kills, though not many, but by the time we are just smiling anyway 'cause we finally get our zombies. Not much more to say here.

All the zombies oddly enough wore cloth-ish stuff around their heads, which kinda bugged me, but the zombie make-up that we get to see is still really good. They look pretty rotten, but still maintaining less skeletal features than the ones in "Zombi 2". I was impressed by how skinny some of the zombie actors wore, because it helped the look of them alot. If they've been buried for a while, surely they'd get skinny, right? Anyway, yeah, they were good zombies.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for the same thing I was (naughty horror). I understand a bit why someone would watch the cut version of this film, since it's still a good movie, but I am not one of those people. If a film is made to be filled with sex and such, why should I stop them from showing it? Good film even though it's a little slow, plenty of sex, nice zombies, good but weird ending. It has alot to offer.

Positive things:
- Lives up to it's title.
- Nice zombies.
- Any film with a zombie biting off a penis is worth checking out, unless it's that piece of boring shit "Porn of the Dead".
Negative things:
- A little slow.
- Could've used more gore.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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