Title: Eternal Evil of Asia

Also known as:
Nan yang shi da xie shu
Lam yeung sap dai che sui

Year: 1995

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: Cantonese

Runtime: 89 min

Director: Man Kei Chin

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113928/

Bon and his friends take a trip to Thailand looking for a good time, but during a night of debauchery they stumble on to a battle between sorcerers. They inevitably get involved in the battle and help out Laimi, who even though is a wizard, appears to be a good man. As a way of saying thanks, Laimi takes all of them back to his house to celebrate the victory, while there, they meet Laimi's sister. One thing leads to another and the friends end up accidentally killing the young girl. They flee back to Hong Kong, too bad Laimi follows them back home for a bit of revenge and with the help of magic, a gruesome fate awaits each one of the men.

Our thoughts:
I'm sure when most people hear the phrase Category 3 when referring to Hong Kong cinema, they automatically think of movies like; "The Untold Story", "Red to Kill", "Run and Kill", "Ebola Syndrome", "Dr. Lamb", etc. Which is fine; those are good movies to have on your list of Cat. 3 movies but there are of course the less popular titles. Category 3-B-Movies if you will. Movies that aren't as shocking, depraved, or as good as previously mentioned titles but none the less receive the golden label that so many perverted fans of trash cinema have come to love. The best example I can think of is "The Eternal Evil of Asia", a schlocky camp-fest of a ridiculous supernatural-horror tale combined with scenes straight out of sexploitation flicks.

The plot of the movie involves two themes that we are all very familiar with; rape and revenge. As the movie is about a man named Bon who heads to Thailand with his soon to be brother-in-law and two of their friends. Naturally with any movie about a group of male friends who head into a foreign country looking for fun, they in turn get into some trouble. In the case of Bon and his buddies; they skip out on a bill at a local bordello and while on the run from the bouncers, they stumble upon a local wizard, warlock, voodoo master, enchanter, magician, whatever you want to call him, named Laimi. They don't take him seriously and Kong, the brother-in-law, goes as far as to call him a dick-head and Laimi in return, turns Kong into a dick-head. I'll repeat that. Laimi uses his magical powers to turn a man's head into the shape of a penis. (I've included a screen cap of this seen to serve as a visual-aid. You're welcome.) Anyways, Laimi does battle with two evil wizards who also happen to be a married and they use the divine power of sex to increase their power.

Yes! After all these years of waiting, I finally get to see two people having sex in the 69 and wheelbarrow position while flying through the air and throwing energy blasts at some helpless fool. Kind of brings a tear to your eye... I'm sorry, I'm getting really off track here. Short version. Laimi is about to lose the battle, Bon interferes which allows Laimi to get the upper hand and win the battle (which involves a decapitation, and some poor dude getting a severed head chopping down on his junk.) Laimi takes Bon and his friends back to his place to celebrate, Laimi's sister sees Bon and falls in love. She then asks Laimi to place a love hex on Bon, he agrees, but instead the 3 friends end up receiving the hex instead and end up gang-banging Laimi's sister. She freaks, they kill her in the scuffle, Laimi's pissed, everyone heads back to Hong Kong where Laimi starts killing them one by one, then decides he wants to rape Bon's fiancé and the movie reaches its climatic battle of sex and magic...Phew...Good god, the story may be a flimsy one but that was a lot of shit to cover.

When I was checking out other reviews to see what other folks thought of this trash-masterpiece, one word kept popping up that I really don't think I agree with, that word was "gory." Now I'm willing to say the movie is gory in comparison to most supernatural flicks, as there are two decapitations, a guy takes needles in the face (feel free to make comparisons to Clive Barker's character Pinhead), and another man eating the flesh off his own arm, people getting sliced and stabbed. Though in the end really there wasn't much blood shown and the majority of the "graphic" scenes you saw the start of them and the aftermath, not the in between where the gore would be. There also isn't much in the way of nudity and sleaze either. There are two major scenes of Laimi's sister getting nailed in a 4-way and Bon's fiancé getting raped by semi-invisible entity and is quite frankly one of the wildest rape scenes I've ever seen. Wild as in over-the-top; not in terms of being vile. To give you an idea, the end of the rape sequence takes place on a giant chandelier. There are a couple other minor scenes of nudity and rape scenes sprinkled through out the movie, that allows it to qualify as a trash-flick but there really aren't as many as you may think or other reviews may lead you to believe.

However, when there are no scenes of perversion or violence, humor is used to fill in these gaps. There is an abundance of humor throughout the movie and the director obviously had no intention in making as serious sleaze picture. As just about every scene has a tongue-in-cheek humor about it. Some more obvious than others, but still there regardless. That and these kinds of movies are meant to only fill in a certain niche among movie goers, more specifically, perverts like myself. Considering that, why would he or why would anybody take such a ridiculous idea for a movie and make something serious out of it, when the majority of the people watching are watching it purely for the sleaze factor?

So in the end, what are you left with? Well, it's a campy supernatural tale that is meant to make you laugh rather than to shock or offend, with over-the-top and often silly humor. It also manages to earn it's Cat. 3 rating by having just enough sex and violence to meet its quota and should please any fans who enjoy these movies. This is also the perfect movie to watch during a small get together, even if there are ladies present. You really have to be hard-pressed to find anything that goes on in this movie offensive since it's just so ridiculous at times that it makes for some quality cheap-sleazy-fun entertainment.

Positive things:
- Dickhead.
- The flying sex attacks.
- Watching a woman being raped by The Invisible Man.
- Overall, it's an amusing and entertaining piece of trash.
Negative things:
- The over-caffeinated editing gets to be a bit much after awhile.
- White subtitles.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 3/5

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