Title: Evil Clutch

Also known as:
Il Bosco 1
Horror Queen

Year: 1988

Genre: Horror / Supernatural

Language: English

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Andreas Marfori

Writer: Andreas Marfori

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097307/

A young couple plans to go camping but their trip is interrupted by a psychotic woman possessed by a demon who happens to have a monstrous claw hidden under her skirt. If that wasn't enough to deal with, the possessed woman also brings the dead back to life.

Our Thoughts:
When it comes to Troma's distributed titles it is usually a crap-shoot as to whether or not you'll be getting something entertaining, or something so shitty it's beyond rationalization. "Evil Clutch" is one of those movies that caught my attention after taking Troma's Intelligence Test, particularly the clip of the giant claw ripping a man's junk off. The idea of horror movie with a man-eating vagina that has a giant claw sounded quite promising not to mention nothing's scarier than a pussy with a taste for blood. Am I right or am I right, guys? ...Fellas? ...I hate you guys.

"Evil Clutch" really couldn't be any simpler: two young college students vacation in an unknown town in Italy where they are immediately warned by the town nutcase that weird things occur and that the two shouldn't stay any longer. Do they listen? Fuck no. Where would horror movies be if people listened to Nutty Nutterson about a location's "death curse"? Anyway, they stick around and head into the woods where a woman they ran into earlier wants to take them to a house where they can rest safely for the night. Since there isn't anything weird about running into a stranger in the middle of a forest. The couple goes to the house and when night falls, the demons come out and they have to fight for their lives.

If the premise sounds familiar that's because "Evil Clutch" is essentially a poor man's "Evil Dead" and that isn't just because of the name. In fact, I'm sure the reason the movie received the name "Evil Clutch" for it's American home video release is because it 'borrows' so much from "Evil Dead." With that being said, "Evil Clutch" is still a lot of fun even if it maybe a shameless copycat. It's the embodiment of all the great things of 80's cheese. A flimsy story that contains stupid characters being stuck in a life or death situation and then they have to fight off demons in gory glory. The story is never really fleshed out nor does it ever really explain why a woman has a claw coming out of her cooch, other than she's possessed by the witch. Who's the witch? No idea, and honestly once the demons come out and the blood starts flowing, I didn't care either.

That's really the best attitude to have when watching the movie. Not that I think many people were expecting it but "Evil Clutch" is not a technically sound horror movie and has quite a few problems. All you can really do is sit back and enjoy the movie strictly for it's popcorn entertainment value. You'll forget the plot holes while a man is eaten by tree roots, you'll forgive the bad acting while blood is being squished out through cheap effects. The fact that it's a shameless rip off of "Evil Dead" all the way down to the cinematography even helps add to the movie's entertainment factor. "Evil Clutch" is not a great movie by any means but it is one of the better titles distributed by Troma and is a fun watch because of its cheesy 80's fashion.

Positive things:
- Mindless cheesy 80's fun.
- A severed head inexplicably exploding.
- It's very goopy and squishy.
Negative things:
- Really dark picture quality.
- An irritating amount of annoying screaming.
- Lots of random moments of nothing occurring.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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