Title: Evil Head

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Adult / Comedy / Horror

Runtime: 147 min

Director: Doug Sakmann

Writer: Doug Sakmann, Joanna Angel


A porn-parody of the classic horror movie that has Ash taking his girlfriend Linda and their friends Scotty and Shelly out to an abandoned cabin in the mountains. The group unwittingly releases the evil that hides within the woods when they play the recordings of the former tenant as he translates from the Necronomicum. What terrifying evil have they unleashed and just how horny is it?

Our Thoughts:
At this point in time it's hard to have any sort of an emotional response to remake news because of how common it is any more -- when they're remaking movies that came out within the last decade, then you should know anything is fair game. But I wasn't overly thrilled to hear about the remake for "Evil Dead". That is until I found out Joanna Angel and her company, Burning Angel Entertainment, had their own version cumming (see what I did there?!) out. The Hollywood remake that had some contributions to the script from Diablo Cody and features a cast and crew of people I could give a crap about can promptly go fuck itself. But an adult parody of the horror classic featuring some lovely ladies from the alt porn movement and the always entertaining Tommy Pistol as Ash? Bring it on!

Like any true porn-parody, the story in "Evil Head" is the same as it is in "Evil Dead" -- Ash takes his girlfriend, Linda, and their friends, Scotty and Shelly, out to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Once they arrive, they eventually find an audio recorder and a copy of the Necronomicum in one of the rooms. Of course they unknowingly unleash the horny evil spirits of the undead and one by one they will get laid by dawn. They'll probably be dead too, but hey, at least they got to have some filthy, animalistic sex before they met their demise.

As I said, it's the same story. Except for the fact that a pizza delivery guy shows up as well as a plumber, the cable guy and a bus full of cheerleaders…Okay, not really. I just wanted to make a bad joke about porn clichés. Sorry. Anyway, the general setup of the story is from "Evil Dead" but some nice references of "Evil Dead 2" and "Army of Darkness" manage to find their way into the movie as well.

And I know what you're thinking: "Story? Who cares about a story? It's porn!"

Well, I do goddammit. A lot of these new porn parodies are often nothing more than porn-stars in costumes having ohsodirty sex. Not much thought or effort is put into them in comparison to a lot of those golden-age adult films where there were stories, sets and some entertainment outside of the licking, sucking and thrusting. Now I haven't seen any of the ones Burning Angel Entertainment has produced besides "The XXXorcist" (which was fun because of what orifices the pea soup was coming out of) so I can't compare "Evil Head" to some of their former outings. I, however, found "Evil Head" immensely entertaining and to be a respectable effort.

For one thing, Doug Sakmann and Joanna Angel did a great job of adapting what is one of the few horror movies that I still consider to be scary into an adult film. They some how made it work well and made it as hilarious as "Evil Dead 2" and as pun cringe worthy as "Army of Darkness". One of the more surprising things about "Evil Head" is they went so far as to build an actual set for the interior scenes while also having others take place on location. Something I wasn't expecting at all and something I can't imagine is done too often in adult movies anymore. And on top of it all, they actually put together a cast that really worked in favor of the movie's entertainment element. They all helped in making this feel like a truly worth while adult-parody and not just an awkward porno satisfying the desires of a very niche crowd. I don't mean to sell anyone short but I found Doug, Joanna and Tommy to being the driving force behind the humor and entertainment. Joanna and Tommy were perfect, quite literally. But everyone was clearly having fun with this project and it shows.

Now I'm sure you've noticed I haven't said much about the sex in "Evil Head" and that's for a very good reason…(dramatic pause)…I don't know what to say. Sure, like most cult movie fans, there are some vintage adult movies out there that I enjoy but I'm hardly an aficionado of the XXX-rated persuasion. When it comes to new adult movies, I am opinion-less. The women in this movie are lovely bunch of tattooed gals and whether you're watching Linda do things with Ash's stump that you never thought was possible, or women satisfying one another the only way a possessed deadite could. So it's as arousing and as stimulating as you would imagine it would be. Maybe even more if you have possessed-undead fetish.

But for me, "Evil Head" was all about the entertainment factor. Call me crazy but as far as I'm concerned I could have gone for less sex (or rather shorter scenes) and more Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol and Doug Sackmann giving us their version of "Evil Dead". Granted, that would inevitably defeat the purpose of why this movie exists but they did such a good job of adapting a horror movie into an entertaining adult film, that I wanted to see more of the movie aspect. And I guess that would be the only fault I found with the movie; it didn't have more to the movie and story. I think they could have carried it on until we saw Ash get sucked into a portal, is sent back in time and lands amongst a bevy of barbarian broads. Instead it feels like it cut itself short and ended it around the middle of the movie since it was already two and half hours long. But I digress. Even with the women in ghoul make up, I'm sure this will be a satisfying porno whether you're into the alternative scene or not. It also works as a funny parody movie and one that you might be able to suggest to watch with your partner without getting kicked out of the house and being called a perv. Maybe.

Positive things:
- An entertaining and well done porn-parody.
- Tommy Pistol is the perfect Ash.
- Joanna, Kleio and the other ladies were still quite sexy as deadites.
- Lloyd Kaufman? Lloyd Kaufman!
- "I taste funny." HA!

Negative things:
- It's kind of hard to find faults in an adult film but I would have liked to have seen more of the movie/story element

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects :2/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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Wicked Pictures

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Burning Angel Entertainment

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