Title: Exitus Interruptus

Also known as:
Exitus Interruptus: Der Tod Ist Erst Der Anfang

Year: 2006

Genre: Horror / Sexploitation

Language: German

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Andreas Bethmann

Writer: Andreas Bethmann

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1290501/

After surviving being attacked by a serial rapist/killer, Manuela soon finds herself being kidnapped by another madman and is taken to an isolated mansion. This time her abductor isn't interested in raping and killing her, his sinister games run much more deep and threaten to break both the mind and spirit of poor Manuela.

Our Thoughts:
The setup for "Exitus Interruptus" is kind of strange in that it's an unofficial sequel of sorts, or rather a spin-off of "Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust Gezwungen 2" where we follow one of the surviving characters from that movie. "Exitus Interruptus" has its own sequel as well, which makes the first one this unusual in-between film and maybe the reason why I dislike the movie as much as I do.

The concept of "Exitus Interruptus" is actually quite good with it being a spin off of a surviving character since that isn't very common outside of a straight forward sequel. Disappointingly, nothing really happens in "Exitus Interruptus" or at least nothing of interest happens. Manuela visits a psychiatrist often in an attempt to come to terms with what happened and lead a normal life and also tries to maintain a healthy relationship with her girlfriend. While Manuela and her girlfriend are at a nightclub, Manuela is drugged and kidnapped and taken to a secluded mansion, where the brother of Manuela's former attacker makes her his new plaything and to avenge the death of his brother. There is more to it and another twist to it, but I think I've spoiled enough and helped to give you an idea of how good the movie sounds on paper.

Now what the problem is that none of it is actually any good when it comes down to the actual movie. "Exitus Interruptus" does contain Bethmann's usual sexual nature and for those aspects it comes off as reasonably well; as good as it is in any of his other movies. Since it’s a spin-off for "Vegetarierinnen" and for the general them of the movie, it is suppose to be a sexually violent, but it really isn't. Or at the very least, not as good as it should be. The sexual torture, humiliation, and degradation come off as flat, dull, and yawn inducing. As though Bethmann either phoned it in or was rushed and couldn't be bothered to make these scenes more sinister. The movie is also suppose to have a thriller and suspenseful atmosphere to it as you wait to see what Manuela's new captor has in store for her, all while her girlfriend tries to find her. Like everything else though, it all falls flat.

That's all there is to the movie; going from one scene to another of uninspired and dull scenes of Manuela being sexual humiliated in an attempt to break her down while her girlfriend tries to save the day. Since the sexual themes, the story, and everything about the movie in general are flat; (even the actors seemed bored in their scenes) "Exitus Interruptus" becomes a very boring and tedious watch. The more I think about it the more I begin to wonder that since “Exitus” is sandwiched between two movies, that it’s only real purpose is to act as a transition between "Vegetarierinnen 2" and "Exitus Interruptus 2". With that being said, that's still not an excuse for it being so lackluster.

Positive things:
- Bethmann does a good job in his role.
Negative things:
- Boring. Damn boring.
- Dull torture sequences.
- Story and atmosphere are flat.
- Movie seems to serve more as a starting point for its sequel than anything else.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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