Title: The Exorcist in the 21st Century

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Documentary

Language: Norwegian / Spanish / English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Fredrik Horn Akselsen

Writer: Fredrik Horn Akselsen & Christian Falch

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2351393/

Although uncommon even in the Catholic Church, there are a few priests over the world that perform exorcisms still to this day. Often looked upon as strange, they take their job very seriously. A woman from Columbia believes that she is possessed by a demon and is desperate for help.

Our Thoughts:
I have not studied the world of real life exorcisms outside of watching/listening to a few recordings of supposedly real possessions. There are a few of them that have actually managed to send chills down my spine - mostly because of their screams. Possession is, along with general ghosts, one of the supernatural subjects that people actually are fairly open-minded to still. I mean, most people I meet don't believe in it and I'm not sure what to think myself, but it's still one of those plausible subjects where people believe they have witnessed things. I was ready to get into this documentary and was happy that I got the chance to review it.

To my surprise, this one REALLY gets into the world of exorcists, rather than exorcism. It focuses on a few priests who perform exorcisms and mostly shows them through interviews. It's interesting to a point, but then it reaches a point of interest and never really develops from there. I understand it's hard to vary your footage with a theme such as this, but I feel something was missing. Okay, there is also the young woman Constanza from Columbia who believes she is possessed. She is struggling to get the help she needs, and it's extra hard since priests can't perform exorcisms on people outside of their church, or something like that. We see her being possessed, but as a skeptic I can't decide what I think of it - is it real, is it an act, or is it psychological? My opinion on this subject doesn't really matter though, so I'll leave it at that.

As I said, it's interesting to a certain point but then it doesn't feel like it has more to offer. If you are really interested in the exorcists (I'll admit to be more interested in the exorcisms) then there is probably a lot for you to discover her. I thought it was interesting to see that there were exorcists in Norway. For whatever reason I didn't expect that. Probably being so close to the country myself. Being a movie geek I thought it was entertaining to hear that the real exorcists actually enjoyed "The Exorcist", although they saw it as sensationalistic as well.

I don't think I can judge this documentary simply because it's a matter of your interests. The focus here is on the exorcists and how they work, what they believe and why they do it. There's a side "plot" of Constanza who is actually possessed and in need of an exorcism and the scenes with her offer most of the highlights. "The Exorcist in the 21st Century" is a gateway to a very small part of the Catholic Church, and could also serve as a helper as to where to turn if you actually believe you are possessed. It was not a great watch for me personally, but I can't say if this is actually a bad documentary or just not my cup of tea.

P.S. I left the ratings out of it.

Positive things:
- Takes a look at the exorcists.
- Some of the parts with Constanza were intriguing.
- They like "The Exorcist"!

Negative things:
- I am probably more interested in the possession and exorcism part, rather than those who perform it.
- After a while it seems a bit repetitive.

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