Title: The Final Member

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Documentary

Language: English / Icelandic

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Jonah Bekhor & Zach Math

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2318701/

The owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, a museum for penises of all mammals, is struggling to get ahold of a human penis for his museum. It's the last remaining specimen needed, and even though it's the only species he can communicate with it has been proved the hardest to get. Finally he has gotten two people to donate their's when they die, but will they pass before the owner himself does?

Our thoughts:
We covered a few really interesting documentaries last year, and that got me interested in checking out a few more. "The Final Member" presented itself as a very much obvious choice - it sounded odd enough to review, but also like it would actually be a good time. I mean, you can't tell me the story of a man who desperately needs a human penis in his collection doesn't just hit you straight in the heart? Or the bollocks. It's a fascinating idea, and for the same reason the museum in the movie is of interest to people worldwide. It feels good knowing that while I am annoyed that there's a hole in my sock, or that the latest movie I watched sucked, there are people debating whether or not to remove their penis and give it to a museum - while they are still alive.

Siggi is getting old. He's been collecting penises since the 70's, and have enough of them to run a museum - the Icelandic Phallological Museum. But something important is missing. Not the penis of a sperm whale, he's got that. Not even a tiny little mouse dick. No, he needs a human penis on display, but it's not an easy thing to get done. But finally, after many years of trying, he has two people that have both signed on as donors once they die. One is an old famous man in Iceland, and the other one is a man in USA who named his penis Elmo and who wants his penis to be the most famous in the world. If you're thinking "two donations, great" then you are right to an extent, but both of them have varying problems to debate.

Siggi and his museum are definitely interesting, though I can't say I'd want to go the museum. Having seen it on screen is good enough for me. Siggi seems like a great man with an odd mission, and I respect that. The documentary is often pushing emotional buttons in the most strange of scenes - it's always sad when a man can't get his wish fulfilled before he dies, but it's slightly more odd when the thing he wants is a human penis to display. Siggi's running out of options and he has to really believe that things will go well with his two donors. Unfortunately, one is an old man who feels his penis is getting too small, and the other one has way too big plans for his penis Elmo - such as a comic book.

The latter of the two is basically what intrigued me the most here. Siggi's story is a great, sweet story, but the one about Tom Mitchell is just amusingly bizarre. He's so obsessed with his penis that he wants it displayed in the museum, but he wants to remove it while he's alive. He wants to know that Elmo is getting more and more fame, and he wants the large American penis to be the first and biggest in the museum - for America. So much so that he tattoos the ol' stars and stripes on it. My chin dropped when this was brought up. Not because I haven't heard of or seen videos of sex changes before. However, when the reason is because a man wants his penis to be famous, it gets much weirder. But Siggi is concerned about Tom Mitchell when he begins to build a different display for it than Siggi has planned, and he is starting to turn the penis into an actual character. He gets so excited over Siggi's plan to display the penis, that he seems to completely forget what the museum is. Siggi's penis museum is filled with penises that display them on a biological level, not as a spectacle.

I won't tell you how the story of Siggi and his donors ends, but the road there is worth watching. You'll be amazed how some people spend their time, and you might even find your future dream vacation. Which wouldn't be too bad, with those amazing views that Iceland offers. Fans of documentaries about odd personalities or interests should no doubt check this out. The rest of you should give it a shot if it's ever on TV or randomly playing in a room you're currently in. It's not something I regret having seen, but you don't need to revisit it.

Positive things:
- Amusing people with interesting minds.
- A sweet documentary.
- Tom Mitchell fascinated me, though he seemed rather dimwitted too.
- You really care for Siggi and his quest.
Negative things:
- I have no idea how to bring out negative things about it, but it does lack something.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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