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Title: Forever Evil

Also known as:

Year: 1987

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 110 min (home video version), 120 (director's cut)

Director: Roger Evans

Writer: Freeman Williams


There's a massacre in a cabin and only one man survives the horrible ghoul that attacked them. After his recovery a woman contacts him because she has also witnessed the evil that killed his friends. Together they start investigating the situation and find out they have to fight an ancient evil that has came to earth.

Our thoughts:
The main reason for picking up "Forever Evil" is because it's labeled as a "The Evil Dead" rip-off. The rip-offs of this and the last decade suck ass, but rip-offs from '70s, '80s and early '90s? We love that shit! Whether it's movies trying to be "Alien", "Jaws", "The Evil Dead" or even "The Last House on the Left" (let's be fair, "The Virgin Spring", but most of those filmmakers were inspired by Wes Craven's movie), they are often entertaining junk. If they also include crappy rubber suits and gore, we've got a winning situation and my hopes were for "Forever Evil" to be that movie. The VCI Entertainment DVD release of "Forever Evil" comes with two discs, one which includes the 2h long director's cut. I decided for that one to increase the chance of gore and effects. Unfortunately, even the short version is too long for this movie and I wouldn't be surprised if the director's cut simply includes more story... something which I would have wanted less of.

You know how the story starts: friends, cabin, demon. While they're playing cards at night, one of the girls is taking a shower and is later found dead... with her pregnant belly ripped open and the baby is gone, something which shocks our hero - Marc. The evil demon that killed their friend is now going after the rest of them, and kill them off one by one. Marc manages to get out of there alive but ends up in the hospital for recovery. When he's back up on his feet a woman contacts him because she's been in a similar situation as him, and they team up to investigate the truth behind the evil, and where it comes from.

The movie doesn't really rip-off "The Evil Dead" much after the first 20 minutes. Once Marc is out of there, it's mostly a supernatural movie where two people are trying to discover what it is. They go through books on the occult and eventually realize what they're dealing with, all the while the audience doesn't really give a fuck because we want more of what we saw in the first 20 minutes. I gotta say, the opening is entertaining in just the right way, but I don't even know what they were thinking when they made a cheesy horror movie 2 hours long where most of it is a weak investigation story.

Not only is the story way too unappealing and the movie too long, it's also incredibly poorly acted. There just aren't any good actors in the movie, which is fine but not when they want us to care. These are actors who don't really know how to portray human emotions with a writer (and possibly director) who doesn't know what the logical reaction to certain things would be.

The few times we get effects, they are actually pretty fun. That's why I enjoyed the opening part of the movie, as it actually has some decent effects and gore. The first kill with the woman in the shower is a lot more graphic than I expected the movie to be. That scene being in the first few minutes pumped me up for the movie, which wasn't a good thing. Once the demon is revealed it's very obviously a mask, but that's fine. The glowing eyes and other various lightning effects aren't fine though - I never really understood why anyone thought adding red lights in eyes would look cool or scary. The demon looks a lot better towards the end after it has been burned, though. Let's not forget the legendary baby scene, where Marc has a vision of the pregnant girl (from the beginning of the movie) ripping open her belly and revealing a demonic looking baby. That's probably the only reason to keep watching the movie after the opening, because everyone loves an "It's Alive" clone!

I have a weak spot for fun cheese, but the majority of "Forever Evil" isn't that. There aren't many reasons to seek out "Forever Evil". The few gore scenes that are good are not memorable enough. The story is horribly boring for a movie that is 2 hours long. The acting is painful to watch (and usually not in a funny way). Am I glad I checked it out? Of course I am, it's a crappy movie but there is a lot worse out there. In the end it is still just an innocent little '80s B-movie and that's to prefer over the mediocre by-the-numbers bullshit we get these days.

Positive things:
- The first 20 minutes fulfilled my needs.
- A gore effect here and there that's actually pretty good.
- The demon after it has been on fire.

Negative things:
- Way too long with way too horrible of a story.
- Poor acting all over the place.
- Glowing eyes and stupid lightning effects!

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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