Title: Frankenstein vs. the Creature From Blood Cove

Also known as:

Year: 2005

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Director: William Winckler

Writer: William Winckler

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0451060/

An amphibious monster created by scientists as a weapon against terrorism escapes and starts killing people on a beach nearby. These scientists decide to dig up the corpse of Frankenstein's monster and have him kill the amphibious abomination.

Our thoughts:
I already knew before starting this movie that I wouldn't be too happy with the result, simply because I knew that the movie wouldn't be working hard enough to make their concept work. It's basicly a tribute to the old movies.. I don't even think I need to name-drop which ones, you know which ones we are talking about. And it just seemed like a film that didn't take itself seriously at all. It isn't that I wanted the movie to be serious, but I don't want a homage movie to completely miss the point of what made the originals what they were. And many homage movies seem to fail at this exact point.

It's fine to begin with, when we have the Creature from Blood Cove escape from the scientists and starts killing models at a beach. And it was even fine when they went to dig up Frankenstein's monster to fight the Creature with. It was more than fine when the pretty models stripped completely naked on the beach in front of the camera. But it just fails to entertain me for 90 minutes when it just focuses on the same things through the entire movie. And what made the classics so good were atmosphere and set designs. This one doesn't care at all about atmosphere, and the set is just not doing it for me. Instead this movie has too much fun with the plain concept of using classic monsters that it forgets to make it a memorable experience. And it's just too damn long!

The Creature looks related to the one from "Creature From The Black Lagoon" but has it's own thing going on to keep it seperate. Frankenstein's monster looks completely stupid, but not because it was made poorly. I think it looks a bit too different from the classic. It was a bit distracting. These two are the main monsters, but we have a little scene with Wolf Man as well. Although he looked stupid, and his entire part of the film was uncalled for.

Cameos from Lloyd Kaufman and Ron Jeremy doesn't help this movie. It's a long watch and it gets boring within the first 30 minutes. The movie doesn't seem to remember that the old flicks had atmosphere, and instead this one is just a very superficial homage with added stupidity. I don't doubt that they are fans, but they missed some important bits. The movie is never funny even though the cover calls it "horror/comedy". It's hard to even understand which era this is supposed to be in, the acting is mostly bad, and what's left is decent looking homage monsters and the only real scenes worth watching are the nudity scenes. They weren't too shabby at all. In no way is this movie "a blast from the past".

Positive things:
- The babes!
- The monster effects are fun.
- At least it tried.
Negative things:
- Too long and boring.
- Misses some important points.
- Wolf Man.
- Sometimes it seemed like 2005, sometimes like 50's. Wasn't sure what era they set it in.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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