Title: Game of Life

Also known as:

Year: 2007

Genre: Short / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 5 min

Director: Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

Writer: Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1419493/

In a fictive future, Earth is suffering from overpopulation and a new law says that any way of getting rid of people is fine - abortion and murder included. The law also wants firstborns to take their life for the greater good.

Our thoughts:
Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi tells tragic stories with extremely simple means. "God's Acre" was definitely going that direction, but I think "Game of Life" manages to build up something enormous in just 5 minutes. It tells a story set in the not-so-distant future, where Earth's population is growing and growing. To stop this, a new law says that any means of helping it decrease is fine, even murder. The law also said that a way of doing this is to get rid of all the firstborns.

Our story is about two brothers, and they have accepted this law because they know running away will just leave to trouble in the end. So they decide that the winner of a game of pool survives. If the older brother wins and ultimately survives, he will take over the identity of his brother and act as the young brother who killed his older brother.

As you might hear, for a 5 minutes "long" short, this is a pretty heavy and demanding story. That's exactly what I think sums up Arcilesi as a director though. He knows the quick routes to these tragic stories. To tell a story like this, there are a few key notes you just have to hit, and he does it flawlessly. What comes out on the other side is a sad and very tragic story about brotherhood and them letting their inner children decide what lies ahead. It's both sweet and depressing at the same time.

I'm not sure what else I need to say to convince you to go to their website and watch this short, as it's up for viewing on there. I highly recommend anyone with a few minutes to kill to go there and watch what they have to offer. So far I know you won't be disappointed. I kinda doubt the rest of their films are bad when they were off to such a strong start. "Game of Life" tells a huge story in little time. It goes straight for the vital parts and manages to tell a great, tragic story.

Positive things:
- Manages to do a lot in just 5 minutes.
- Well-written and directed!
Negative things:
- I honestly could've seen this as a feature film. Wouldn't need to, but it's a solid enough story for that.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

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