Title: The Gateway Meat

Also known as:

Year: 2007

Genre: Horror / Gore / Independent / Experimental

Language: English

Runtime: 69 min

Director: Ron DeCaro

Writer: Ron DeCaro


Set in present time, the President has been assassinated and the world is over run with greed. Soon a small, quite town will run red with blood, as a small group of Satanists see this as a sign.

Our thoughts:
"The world is a horrible fucking place."

Truer words were never spoken in a movie, especially when that movie is "The Gateway Meat". A movie where death, depravity and insanity, are apart of what appears to be a normal family, as long as you are willing to consider satanism as a part of being normal. Ron DeCaro plays as Marcus, a man who's be surrounded by Satanism and death his entire life, and still is to this day as both him, his wife and his friends enjoy nothing more than mutilating and killing anyone who they may cross paths with. With morals and values of society in a perpetual state of decay, and the assassination of the President, Marcus sees this as a sign and decided to continue his fathers work of creating portals to hell.

"The Gateway Meat" is a movie, where nothing is sacred and there are no boundaries. Using the current state of our society is in, with morals and values taking a back seat to greed and lust for technology, as a the back drop for the characters. Who happen to reign terror upon anyone, doesn't matter if it's a hitchhiker, a pizza delivery man or a group of religious folks looking to preach their gospel. No one is innocent, and no one is safe. Although, we the audience get to watch the gruesome acts that fall upon these people, and I do mean gruesome. Plenty of gore and nasty death scenes to go around here, between a woman being stabbed in the face repeatedly, to a man being forced to sniff a combination of drugs and broken glass, all while having one of his severed fingers stuck in his other nostril. Though, none of these scenes compare to the first of its kind, Columbian Necktie death scene, which is worth the price alone for "The Gateway Meat".

The thing that makes "The Gateway Meat", stand out above all other movies in the underground culture, is the special attention that is given to both the look and the sound of the movie. Not only are we bombarded with horrific visuals of the graphic death scenes, but taken past the point of reality and into a surrealistic nightmare. The character Marcus, soon becomes lost in a nightmare as the lines between reality, alocholic fueled delusions and memories becomes blurred. Even we the audience, become lost with him, no longer knowing what is real and what isn't. As if the visual assaults weren't enough, we are given a soundtrack that syncs with the on screen insanity. We aren't given the typical metal soundtrack or the scored music trying to help create a mood and atmosphere in the movie. Not to say a mood isn't set with the movies sound, but a very unique sound is created with blending and distorting of various sounds.

For me, it is movies like "The Gateway Meat", as to why I got into underground and obscure movies. It's a one of a kind movie that stands out above all, with its multi-layered story and presence, the very distinctive look and sound, and the relentless brutality and gore. It is exactly what people have been asking for, from the their horror movies, unfortunately though it seems that the movie is destined to fall into obscurity and infamy. Since it is devoid of any pop-trends, carries no names with it, and is only getting pushed by the one-man-band Ron DeCaro, and the fans who have been lucky enough to watch it. In this day and age where companies think they are pushing the envelope by having the word, "EXTREME" in their company's name. It would be to your benift to owning a copy of "The Gateway Meat", as it is one of the more nasty and bleak underground horror movies to be produced in the US.

A bit of trivia, fellow underground filmmakers Fred Vogel ("August Underground", "Redsin Tower") and Brain Paulin ("Bone Sickness", "Fetus") have guest cameos in the movie. I won't say where, if you want to know, then you're going to have to watch the movie and find out.

Positive things:
- The movie has experimental qualities, as it gives us both a unique visual and audio qualities.
- Great special effects scenes.
- Great death scenes, including a never done before sequence.
- Good plot, and execution.
Negative things:
- For me, some scenes felt a little disjointed from others.

Gore: 3.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 4/5
Comedy: 0/5

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