Title: George: A Zombie Intervention

Also known as:
George's Intervention

Year: 2009

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 93 min

Director: J.T. Seaton

Writer: J.T. Seaton, Brad Hodson

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1310641/

In the not-so-distant future, zombies have become a regular part of the population. While they maybe undead most of them are able to continue on with their daily lives and function as normal as a flesh eating zombie can be. Then there's George. His friends are worried about him being recently undead and all, so they decided to stage an intervention to get him to come to terms with who he is so he can get the help that he needs. Things don't go as planned though when more and more uninvited guest show up for the intervention and each one ends up dead.

Our thoughts:
Nothing like a great surprise to give you the kick in the ass that you need to get back on track with movies. "George: A Zombie Intervention" or as it was original called and the title I prefer, "George's Intervention" arrived on my doorstep from the folks at Breaking Glass Pictures. I read the press sheet and all that jazz but hadn't seen anything trailer wise so I was pretty meh about the movie but decided to toss it in the DVD player because, well, "Pourquoi pas?" As the French would say. After an hour and a half, I went from my usual curmudgeon self to a very happy giggling movie viewer and a new fan of J.T. Seaton's movie.

"George's Intervention" puts an interesting spin on the zombie sub-genre by introducing us to a post-apocalyptic zombie world where things are still fairly normal, which honestly might be just as bad. Zombies have become part of the population but there are two kinds: there are the mindless brain-dead zombies -- the dangerous ones, and then there are people who are simply dead. They function just like normal people: they work, eat, sleep, converse, and shit just like the rest of us. They just happen to have no pulse and enjoy eating the flesh of the living if they can get away with it. With "George's Intervention" the friends of our undead lead character, George (duh), have decided to stage an intervention in order to make him accept and understand that he is a zombie and that he needs help. However things don't go as planned when people start turning up dead at the intervention and the bad thing for George is that everyone assumes it's the zombie's fault. That and the fact he gets caught eating the victims each time doesn't help.

When a movie like "George's Intervention" comes out it makes me wonder how people can sit there and say that there are no new ideas. Well, they can't. They just do so in order to justify some god awful movie they like but aren't willing to admit that it's awful. In any case, yes, the general idea of zombies has been pretty well covered but you don't see too many zombie movies that are like "George's Intervention". Maybe because it's a ridiculous idea, but hey, J.T. Seaton, Brad Hodson, and everyone else involved made it work and made it work well. With the first fifteen minutes I wasn't feeling the movie and thought it was going to be another hum-drum indie horror comedy but once the title character George appears on screen, I became hooked.

It's obvious from the start that "George's Intervention" is a light-comedy -- it's having fun for the sake of being fun and I think that's why I enjoyed it as much as I did. Thankfully they didn't go the stupid route like many others do but rather those involved with making the movie clearly had fun with the concept. Some people could look at the movie as a statement on all the reality TV that's centered on interventions, which very well could have been a source for inspiration. Really though, the movie is about what would happen if people stage an intervention for a person and said person just happens to be a zombie. Like I said, it's such a out-there concept they just had fun with the movie: such as George beating one of his "victims" with their own severed leg after they come back as a zombie and begin to antagonize him. Then George proceeds to chase another man around trying to beat him with the severed leg so he doesn't go to the police. Not exactly sophisticated humor here, but hey, who cares when you've got an undead slacker going to town on a plate that has the severed butt cheek of a Mormon and the breast of a hooker.

It may not be sophisticated and the movie maybe extraordinarily goofy, but both writers did an excellent job with finding the right tone of humor to match the concept. "George's Intervention" finds this nice middle ground where it is silly but never gets stupid, or at least not too stupid. With the different characters and a sibling sub-plot, it helps keep the movie some what grounded and doesn't become one scene after another of whacky nonsense shenanigans. And while the movie is a horror/comedy, it is a movie that is comedy before horror because the whole point of the movie is to be fun and to make you laugh. With that said, "George's Intervention" doesn't lose touch with its horror roots as there is plenty of zombie horror to be had. As the movie cleverly explains in the prologue, everyone can become a zombie as they have the virus in their system that activates when a person is no longer living. As the movie progresses more bodies begin to show up and with each body is another zombie -- plus you have the mystery as to who is actually picking the guests off one by one. The real icing on the macabre cake though is that because so many zombies show up by the final act of the movie it can only end in one way. A zombie massacre. No self-respecting zombie can't end without a massacre of some kind and with "George's Intervention that massacre may or may not involve a double-bladed headgetrimmer.

Even though the movie comes to a close in a satisfying bloody mess, I think in the end, the audience for "George's Intervention" will be some what limited because of the simple fact that it is more comedy than horror. I think for the most part the general horror audience will be too busy whining about wanting a return to horror or pure horror, because horror fans are always bitching and whining about something. (Probably about the movie being low-budget too) And as a result they are going to end up missing out on the movie's wonderful sense of humor and overall entertainment value. I mean hell, I'm one of the most miserable people and I hate most comedies yet here I am fawning over "George's Intervention". I actually enjoyed the movie so much that I immediately watched again the following day. Why? Because it was fun. It was ridiculous severed-leg-beating-buttcheek-munching-undead fun. Even if some jokes fell short, or felt out of place, there were enough that hit the mark that made it for an overall fun, entertaining, and a surprising viewing experience.

Positive things:
- Very silly movie but still funny and entertaining.
- Great cast. All of them did an exceptional job of adding to the humor and making it work.
- Just the right amount of blood.

Negative things:
- A guy going to the bathroom kindergartner style is funny? Hey, as an adult pulling your pants and your underwear down around your ankles just to pee is a perfectly normal thing to do...Not that I do that or anything. But if I did I wouldn't be ashamed of it or find it funny...Yeah.
- I understand why Breaking Glass Pictures renamed the movie "George: A Zombie Intervention" as it was a smart move on their part but I still prefer the title "George's Intervention".

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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Breaking Glass Pictures

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