Title: Girls School Screamers

Also known as:

Year: 1986

Genre: Horror / Supernatural

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: John P. Finnegan

Writer: John P. Finnegan & Katie Keating

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091118/

Seven students from the Trinity Academy for Girls are sent to visit the house of deceased Tyler Wells who left his mansion to the school. They are there to study the art but one by one they end up dead after a wild night with a seance.

Our thoughts:
There are alot of Troma titles I've wanted to watch for a long time and this was one of the titles I've been the most interested in simply because it seemed like a light-hearted, typical, 80's horror. One of those that you might not fall in love with, but that will always be worth your time because it's one of few visits to the 80's nostalgia world. And boy was I right. This was definitely what I wanted, even if I had expected slightly more graphic murders.

Within the first minutes of the movie I was hooked. I knew this was gonna be alot of fun. It starts out with a young boy sneaking around inside of an old mansion, and sees the ghost of a bride in the addic stairs. The ghost reveals her face, a decayed, slimey, mutated and fanged face crawling with worms. It was obviously gonna be a fun ride. After this the film slows down quite heavily, as we are introduced to our seven lead girls from Trinity Academy for Girls. They are called to a meeting to find out they have been selected to go to the old Tyler Wells house, a huge mansion which has been left to the school for the art collection that it contains after he died. One night in the mansion, the girls decide to do a little seance for the hell of it, even though they know their supervisor, Sister Urban, wouldn't approve of it. Can you guess where this will end? Obviously they upset the spirits in the house and the girls are now haunted one by one, by the ghost of Tyler Wells. It reeks of 80's fun for sure, doesn't it?

It's a supernatural horror movie that basicly plays like a slasher film where the girls are killed off as soon as they have a moment by themselves. I found it enjoyable that none of the murders were alike. One died by a car, one by a meat cleaver, one by electrocution, and so on. It made the murders less boring, and thank God, since they really lacked gore and special effects they tended to be the least interest thing going on in the film. But I must go back to that first ghost we see in the beginning, the bride with the fucked up face. Now that was perfect trashfest effects. I just wish the film would've been more focused on that specific ghost killing them off, instead of only having that one in the introduction. Quite the let down I must say.

There's definitely nothing wrong with the acting here, I must admit. The problem lies in the script however, as many lines feel so off and obvious. What can you expect though? It's a Troma film about seven girls in a haunted mansion, how great can the lines really be?

You get what you expect with this little Tromatic supernatural flick. A fun but unoriginal ghost story with some cheesy lines and some decent murders. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the trashy 80's, and anyone who wanna look more into Troma films, as it seems to be pretty underappreciated. I guess you could argue most Troma films are though (except for the really, really, really shitty ones).

Positive things:
- The ghost in the beginning. Can also be seen on the front cover!
- It's just a jolly 80's horror of good times.
- Not a terrible Troma title.
- The end sequence (the "wedding", in case you've seen the film) was pretty good.
Negative things:
- Unoriginal.
- Murders lacking effects and blood.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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