Title: Goatriders: The Last Silver

Also known as:
Bockereyers: De Letste Zilverling (Original/Dutch title)

Year: 2008

Genre: Horror / Possession / Independent

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 21 min

Director: Mike Stoffels

Writer: Mike Stoffels


Goatriders were a pack of poor farmers killed, raped and stole. They lived two centuries ago, and were rumored to have a pact with Satan. Now, 200 years later, an old man stops a guy from picking up an amulet that belonged to these savages, and he tells a horrific story about the last group of people who found this amulet.

Our thoughts:
Mike Stoffels, the maker of the great "Amicus Mortis", is back with a film about possession, and he is experimenting more than ever. I had the pleasure to recieve at screener of this short film, and I will do my best to show my appreciation for it.

Unlike Amicus Mortis, that focused mostly on brutality, "Goatriders" is all about the story. It's story is very thought-out from start to finish and never makes us wonder or ask anything, we're just experiencing what's on the screen. Mike Stoffels even had the guts to attempted to create the times where the Goatriders lived (200 years ago) and if you've read some of my reviews ("Goblet of Gore", for example), you should know that I'm not a fan of low budget movies trying to show older times, but the team did a great job on that part here. The history of the Goatriders is so flawless that I can't help but think that God told Mike in a dream to make this film and exactly how. I'm not exaggerating, because the way I see it, it's not more complicated than it has to be, and it's never too simple either.

Putting the story aside for a few seconds, there was another thing that amazed me, and that was the cinematography. It was beautifully shot, the colors were sharp and really gave life to the story. The camera's movements were always at their best, and anyone who wants to make a serious film has alot to learn from this film if they want it to be shot right.

The film is not very gory at all, but we have enough at every killing to be pleased (except for the torturing in the chair. It could've used some more). The scene where intestines are pulled will make any gorehound smile. There isn't much other effects used in this film, since the possessed people still look like themselves, but I have to say that there is a skeleton prop in the film that is sweet as hell. By far the best of it's kind in a film with such low budget.

You might think that the film is perfect from what I've told you so far, but that's not the case. The flaws are very few and not very big, and the only one I'm gonna bother to expand on (more than putting it in "pos/neg things") is that the movie is too short. The film could easily have been an hour long, but instead it ends exactly when I was the most excited about it. I hope that they choose to make a sequel to this film. There is alot more to show us, and I hope that it wouldinvolve more scenes with the old man.

"Goatriders" was not only a fun and very good film, but it was also extremely interesting to watch for someone like me who makes even smaller budgeted movies. I have alot to learn from them. Therefor, I want to raise a toast to Mike Stoffels, and shake his hand, because 10 years from now he will be doing some of the most exciting things in horror. Thank you for having both balls and brains.

Positive things:
- A very well written story.
- Good acting (with very few exceptions).
- The old man. Cool character and great acting.
- Sweet cinematography.
Negative things:
- Too short.
- The modern "pop-punk-ish" soundtrack.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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