Title: Goblet Of Gore

Also known as:

Year: 1996

Genre: Gore / Adult

Language: English

Runtime: 71 min

Director: Andreas Schnaas

Writer: Andreas Schnaas & Stefan Baumeister

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202884/

Centuries ago, vikings possessed a chalice. The chalice, now a holder of pure evil, is passed through the centuries. Whoever drinks from it is cursed and will become a perverted killing machine.

Our thoughts:
If you've ever seen a movie by Andreas Schnaas before, you sort of know what you're getting. You'll get gore, and often it's perverted gore. You'll most likely also get a knight or someone dressed in armor, which isn't really needed, if you ask me.. I was a little let down by this film, but since I am a fan of Schnaas it was hard to hate it. He is clearly sick, sick, twisted and sick, but when I met him he was actually a really sweet guy in real life (brag, brag. Had to be done), so it feels odd when you watch something like this by him.

Storywise, this movie is bad. Very bad. Schnaas seems to involve vikings, knights, and things like that way too often, and that's not something I'm a fan of. It's also something that doesn't translate very well into low budget films. I don't mind the "drink-from-the-evil-cup-of-doom" plot, it's just a way to get the gore and sexual situations out there, but when all is said and done, "Violent Shit 2: Mother Hold My Hand" is his best film, and it has nothing more than kids in the woods for quick gore. Kudos to Schnaas for trying things most wouldn't though.

"Goblet Of Gore" is, however, totally crazy in terms of it's gore and sex. If there is one movie out there that mixes gore and sex to the max, this is the one. A girl gives a blowjob, and her head explodes from the loud. She lost her head giving head, someone witty would say. This isn't the only scene like this that it offers, but I don't want to tell you about all the goodies. The intro to the movie has some hardcore pornography faded into the red background, which led me to believe that it would feature hardcore close-ups, but it didn't. If this is good or bad, I don't know, but I know that this would have been the best "horror porn" movie out there if it did, because the gore is alot better than the gore in movies like "Porn Of The Dead". There are a few fake cocks in the film too, if you're into that.

If I would have bought "Goblet Of Gore", thinking it would be a normal horror movie, or just a normal movie at all, I could've written a long essay of things that was bad in it. But this is Schnaas, and I know what he does, so I won't do a rant, just mention a few flaws that were annoying. First of all, the dubbing. Is it trying to pay tribute to the dubbing in "Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence", or did they really try? During a sex scene, the woman was clearly talking, but we only heard moans. Next flaw is the ugly bat/dragon that was at the beginning. C'mon.. It would have worked in a school project. Last one would have to be the band that you see playing a very long time. I'm guessing this was added just so we would really see the band, instead of putting them in the background like most people would've.

I can say that most people will hate this, and it's only for the really dedicated b-gore fans. There are better Schnaas films out there, but you shouldn't skip this if you're into these things. Boring at times, crazy as hell at other times.

Positive things:
- Soundtrack. The theme song is one of the coolest theme songs ever. Worth watching the entire film just to get to that part.
- Schnaas delivers gore beautifully.
- Crazy as hell.
- Just a little over an hour long.
Negative things:
- Bad dubbing. Didn't feel like the right movie for stupid dubbing.
- Damn knights/vikings.
- The goblet looks just like any goblet.
- It's no "Violent Shit 2".

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 3/5

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