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Title: A Good Marriage

Also known as:
Tills döden skiljer oss åt (Swedish title)

Year: 2014

Genre: Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 97 min

Director: Peter Askin

Writer: Stephen King


After celebrating their 25 year anniversary, the Anderson's find themselves in a marriage crisis. When her husband is away for a few days, Darcy starts suspecting that he is connected to the deaths of several women - and he is soon home from his trip.

Our thoughts:
Don't force me to get into another opening paragraph of where I stand with Stephen King, his books and the film adaptions. I don't want to get back into that, but let's just say that I am a fan of the films,.. but I had really no idea what "A Good Marriage" was before it arrived to me for reviewing from Studio S Entertainment. The movie is quick to get into the story and it shows clearly what kind of Stephen King we're getting: it's not the grand drama, not the monster/supernatural horror, but the suspense thriller

Darcy and her husband Bob run a coin collecting business, and soon after the couple is celebrating their 25th anniversary, Bob has to leave for a trip. All is well until Darcy finds evidence that points towards her husband being involved in the deaths of several young women. She has to decide what to do about all of this before Bob returns from the trip. If she asks him about it, what will happen to her if he's is indeed a murderer? What will happen to their marriage if he isn't? Before she knows it, he's waiting for her in the bedroom.

"A Good Marriage" suffers from several illogical moments, many which I imagine work good in writing. But seeing them played out makes you realize how stupid certain things are. It's smaller things like why she isn't more worried when someone is walking around in her backyard at night, but also a few bigger plot points that I won't reveal. The movie feels like a 90's TV thriller, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does allow you to shut off a bit and just watch it for what it is. It's not great, but it's something to watch.

The movie has been notable to some for being first screenplay that Stephen King has written in a long time, and I suppose that those who read the story it is based on will be able to tell that the same person also adapted it. Hell, even I felt a certain Stephen King-vibe in a couple of moments - most notably in a dialogue/monologue of sorts by a strange fellow.

There are several moments where "A Good Marriage" is just dumb, but for the most part I could sit back and enjoy it for what it was. Reminiscent of movies like "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" and 90's TV thrillers, there is some suspense to keep you curious but ultimately the experience is rather shallow. Not much is being said in the script and it's extremely predictable, but thanks to some decent performances it's worth going through. It might not be a movie I'd recommend specifically for Stephen King fans though.

Positive things:
- Decent performances, especially from Joan Allen.
- Screenplay by Stephen King!
- Has some suspense going on.

Negative things:
- Predictable.
- Rather stupid and illogical.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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