Title: Good Neighbours

Also known as:
Good Neighbors (Alternative spelling)

Year: 2010

Genre: Thriller / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 99 min

Director: Jacob Tierney

Writer: Jacob Tierney & Chrystine Brouillet

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1576440/

Victor moves to an apartment building in Montreal where he meets Spencer, a handicapped good-looking guy, and the cute cat-lover Louise. Victor moves there unaware of the news that a serial killer on the loose in the area, and once Louise tells him about it he starts following her back home from work every day. And eventually he falls for the young girl, but she's more interested in her own cats. With the killer in the area, the three tenants are constantly on the edge and something horrible is inevitable to happen.

Our thoughts:
The thriller genre is probably the genre I dislike the least. It's not the one I like the most, but it requires some serious crap for me to think it's worse than decent/watchable. If it's fairly a thrilling plot with okay characters, I'm fine with it. However, with that comes the fact that it's probably even harder for the flick to truly amaze me. There are just so many thrillers out there, and many of them are surprisingly decent, with good production values and good acting. From my point of view, it seems like the thriller genre is less raped by independent/student filmmakers, and those who get into it are really making a sincere attempt. Where's "Good Neighbours" on the spectre? Crappy? Amazing? Or just somewhere in the middle?

Three people live in an apartment building in Montreal. First we have Victor, the new innocent guy in the building. And then we have Louise, a girl who loves her cats a bit too much. Finally, there's Spencer, a wheel-chair bound passive-agressive guy. The three of them hang out occasionally, and when the news papers talk about a serial killer in the area, Victor decides to follow Louise home from work when she works late. This causes a love to bloom, but only for Victor. He even goes so far that he tells people he know that they're engaged. Meanwhile, Louise is in a fight with another tenant who just hates her cats, so much so that she finally hurts them and Louise wants revenge. And then Spencer, the secretive cripple who sneaks out at night.

The three of them are very different characters, and we find out about the same amount of info and background on all three of them. In the end we're mostly watching them from a distance, not really feeling safe with either simply because we don't know who they really are or what they are capable of. This was, to me, one of the strong points in "Good Neighbours". It's hard to know who to like and who to hate, and we're never really sure what's gonna happen next. It's a nice little mystery in that sense.

What ends up making this just an alright watch is that it just jumps between the same couple of things, and never really progresses into something truly interesting or mysterious. The ending just "is". There's no great climax or solution. You find yourself questioning actions, even down to things like the police investigators. Are they really not gonna do more than THAT? It feels like they could've solved the mystery way before the movie falls and the credits start rolling.

There is some tension, the actors are good and I think the distance from the characters is good. There's also some twisted scenes that I enjoyed. But it's impossible to ignore the big flaws that simply keep it from being a great movie. In movies like this, when the flaws are in the storytelling, it's hard for it to ever achieve more than mediocrity.

I had a pretty good time with the movie, and if you keep your expectations low you might have fun with it too. There are big holes in the movie that you can't ignore, but perhaps you can shut your mind off for a bit. I was actually pleasantly surprised because I didn't think the cover looked all that interesting to begin with, so at least the mystery I got was more entertaining than it looked.

Positive things:
- Good acting.
- The distance of the characters.
- Some unexpected stuff going on.
- Cute cat!
Negative things:
- Makes you question a lot of actions taken within the movie.
- No good final solution.
- At times it's just too much of the same stuff.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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