Title: Grave Robbers

Also known as:
Ladrones de tumbas

Year: 1989

Genre: Horror / Slasher

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 87 min

Director: Rubén Galindo Jr.

Writer: Rubén Galindo Jr. & Carlos Valdemar

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0282672/

While the police chief's daughter and her three friends are camping, six other teens are at a graveyard nearby to rob some graves. They find a secret crypt that takes them to the grave of an old executed Satanist. The Satanist needed a virgin to carry and give birth to the Antichrist. Before he could finish his "quest", he was killed and buried with the axe he was killed with, and on it an amulet hanged. The teens find this and believe that they're gonna be rich, but what they don't know is that by removing the axe from his chest, they set him free again and they are now chased by a slashing Satanic zombie.

Our thoughts:
The more Spanish horror flicks I watch, the more I enjoy them. This little forgotten film was on the same double DVD as the movie "Cemetery of Terror" that is also reviewed on this site. Both are made by the same director, and are both very enjoyable movies and while Spain/Mexico (Mexico in this case though) might not be the leading countries in horror, they certainly know how to make them enjoyable with both ideas, effects and gore.

From the first glimpse of the Satanic zombie, I knew that this film would be an enjoyable ride. He looked really cool and silly at the same time, but there was just something about seeing him that made me excited. This pretty much explains the entire movie. The plot isn't very exciting, and it's not extraordinary as a zombie or a slasher film. Teens disturb a dead Satanist, he wakes up for revenge. Perhaps this is good though, because it gave me the feeling I was watching all those entertaining American slashers that we had in the 80's, and they are certainly movies we don't watch for quality but for entertainment. Every kill in this film had that entertainment, and was reminescent of the "Friday The 13th" series, but without nudity. On the plus side, it hasn't been slaughters by the MPAA, so we have great gore.

The acting wasn't the best. The girls mostly made horrible screams, and if you can trust subtitles (even though they at one point said "golf" when they obviously meant "gold") the dialogue wasn't always the best that it could be. The movie was also poorly edited, at times they didn't keep the sound going till next angle. An example is when someone talks, and it switches angle at the exact second that he's done talking, and you hear that a tiny part if cut off. Nothing big to complain about though, of course.

Effect-wise this movie is very cool. Some of the gore is unrealistic, and still cool looking. Fake but cool gore is something I've always enjoyed, we don't always have to think we are watching a real murder. There is plenty of bloody gore and kills, and most of the scenes are fun. We have chopped off hands, guts being ripped, axes in head, etc. The effects on the zombie looked better the first second we saw him, because he obviously got some more meat on his bones the next times. He still looked cool in the end, and we see him alot. I know I've seen something looking like him before, I just can't seem to figure out from where.

If you like slasher flicks and gore, and you've seen all the standard classics, "Grave Robbers" is a great movie. If you're curious about watching Mexican movies, this "Cemetery of Terror/Grave Robbers" double feature titled "Crypt of Terror" is a good start, as long as you're looking for your typical 80's flicks in all their glory and not masterpieces.

Positive things:
- Effects. Both for gore and the zombie.
- Never boring, time literally flew by.
- 80's feeling.
- I really liked the music. It's not as good as in films like "Cannibal Holocaust", but still good.
Negative things:
- Acting.
- Editing.
- The first gore, or..well, blood, that we see looks really shitty. It's when the Satanist carves "666" on a girls tummy.
- The awkward scene where the UZI is used.
- A scene where a knife is slowly flying (yes, flying without a reason) towards a man, it spins a couple of times in front of his face, and then goes through his hand.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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