Title: The Green Monster

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Nolan Ball, Bryan Roberts

Writer: Trevor Wright

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1303721/

Husband Gerald along with his wife Molly own and run a local convenience store in what is considered to be the worst part of town. As the couple grows unhappy with all the seedy and unsavory people that come in and out of their store which more often then not are usually teenagers. They take to using their black magic and some down-South cooking to help turn these annoyances into something a little more...desirable. That is if they think their victims are worthy enough, if not, then their fate lays within the dumpster outback that they like to refer to as, The Green Monster.

Our thoughts:
While the press release for "The Green Monster" states that it's a throw back to 80's cult flicks like "Motel Hell" and "Blood Diner", when watching the trailer you can already see the definite influence movies like that had on "The Green Monster". So this was a movie that I was looking forward to checking out since it did look good, and it's kind of interesting to see a movie harkening back to that horror theme of a place of business having more going on than what appears.

Gerald (Edward X. Young) and Molly (Colleen Cohan) run what appears to be your average one-stop quick-shop, except for the fact that the couple enjoys butchering those that they find to be less than respectable people. Not only do they kill them, but they make good use of them and put their victim’s body parts in the products they sell, usually food products. I'm not really going to get into much else other than that, but there is more to the movie than that though. It also involves a brother searching for his missing sister, and three girlfriends who get caught up in the mess when one of their friends goes missing. Bet you can't guess what happened to the missing girls, can ya? The one additional element that I enjoyed was that it included a bit of a black magic plot to what Gerald and Molly do, while it's not heavily explored, its something different so it helped make the plot a little more fun.

After watching the movie I have to say I felt a little odd, because out of everything in the movie the thing that caught my eye the most was the production value. I know most people don't care about that sort of thing when it comes to low-budget movies, but the level of attempted professionalism and quality was quite clear. Nolan Ball, Bryan Roberts and the rest of the crew should definitely be proud of themselves because the movie looked fantastic. The cinematography was outstanding, the score for the movie sounded great, good locations, etc. It was really impressive and much appreciated since most of these ultra low-budget movies don't normally put this kind of effort into the overall production of their projects.

For everything else...eh, I hate to say it but I found the movie to be only decent. I wanted to like it but I just didn't get into it. I liked the story and the setup, both Edward Young and Colleen Cohan did a great job, especially Edward Young who stole the movie and really captured that 80's style villainous lead character. Unfortunately that's where it ends for me. While not necessary, I think some more gore would have gone a long way and helped to make the movie a little more fun and entertaining given the story. But what really took me out of the movie were the dramatic exposition scenes and the acting from almost everyone else. The dramatic scenes, when it came to the acting were almost painful because they came off so cheesy and hokey. Then when you have them in comparison to Young and Cohan's performances, it became even worse.

I'm not going to denounce the movie though because for the most part I did have fun with it, and like I said it was fairly decent. It has a good comedic element that helps the movie capture that 80's style they were going for. It's not over blown but it did go over-the-top at times (which works in the movies favor) but overall it doesn't over power the movie to the point that I would call the movie a horror comedy. Speaking of going for that 80's feel; some folks may actually find that the bad-cheesy acting really fits that style and end up getting a bigger kick out of the movie. More so than I did at least. Overall though, "The Green Monster" is a reasonably fun flick that does what it sets out to do with a good story and some great villains, it just suffers from those lacking moments that I mentioned. While I didn't like the movie as much as I wanted to, I am definitely looking forward to what Nolan Ball and Bryan Roberts have in store as directors because they really impressed me with what they were able to accomplish.

Positive things:
- Some top quality production value.
- Edward X. Young, who plays the character Gerald, steals the show.
- Does a good job of capturing that 80's feel that they were going for in terms of story and characters.
Negative things:
- More gore wouldn't have hurt.
- CGI blood/gore.
- The acting gets to be pretty bad.
- The dramatic scenes.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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