Title: Grotesque Fantasies

Also known as:

Year: 2003

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Runtime: 131 min

Director: Michael T. Schneider

Writer: Michael T. Schneider


A documentary about the Toetag Pictures team around and during the making of "August Underground's Mordum".

Our thoughts:
As we all know, "August Underground's Mordum" is a film that is far from your typical horror movie. The film is made to seem like a home video of three serial killers, and it succeeds without a question. What we've all been wondering about now, for about 6 years, is what actually was going on behind the making of this vile piece of film. "Grotesque Fantasies" exists to show that to you.

This documentary is pretty much divided into three parts. First part is about a festival that the Toetag Pictures crew has thrown together, where some odd films like "I'll Bury You Tomorrow" were shown. I think that this was before the actual release of "August Underground's Mordum", but they did apparently screen something from the film. If it was the final cut, the so called "Maggot's Cut", or if it just was a bunch of scenes, I frankly don't know. We get to see them speak to some of the filmmakers who's films were shown at the festival, both about the film they've made, and about "August Underground's Mordum".

After that part, we're thrown into the middle of the production of "August Underground's Mordum". We get to see some behind the scenes footage, some bloopers, and of course some scenes that never ended up in the final film. One of those scenes would be when Maggot, Crusty and Fred Vogel's characters are sitting in a sofa. While Fred is sleeping, Maggot and Crusty are pretty much masturbating. Maggot cums into his own hand, smears it in his own and Crusty's face/mouth. And then later proceeds to go to Fred's mouth, who wakes up disgusted as hell and nearly pukes. A very strange scene for sure. We also get a 20-30 minute long interview with Fred, Crusty, Maggot, Jerami Cruise and Killjoy, where they talk about anything from how they came up with the name, to what their biggest influences are. They mention a film called "Opening The Mind" (that I believe never was finished, not sure if it will get done by Michael T. Schneider's company "Maggot Films" eventually) and a few scenes from the film are shown.

Final part is about what the members did before Toetag Pictures, like how Fred Vogel made "August Underground", but mostly we're focused on all the smaller projects of Michael T. Schneider, like the weird Evil Dead-ish "The Kranny", and the hilarious splatter short "Sorry" (we also get to watch them both).

The documentary has some clips showing a weird guy called "Campy Creep" (Tom Colbert) who not only is hilarious, but he gives us some information and whatnot about Toetag Pictures, and mostly about Michael T. Schneider, whom he has worked with on both "The Kranny" and "Sorry" (probably more too).

Being edited together and whatnot by Michael T. Schneider, it's bound to still be a very weird documentary. It has alot of strange background noises and plenty of weird cut-in scenes. It just couldn't have been done any other way, it would've felt so wrong. This is one of many things that makes the film more than any other documentary.

It's a hard documentary to review, because it shows so many different things, but the important things are covered here. It was extremely interesting to see the team behind the scenes, and the interviews gives us some very interesting things to think about the next time we watch "August Underground's Mordum". I was surprised to see exactly how calm everything felt when the cameras were off, compared to the chaotic mayhem we get to see in the film. Overall, a very fun documentary. It might not be a step-by-step documentary on how "Mordum" was made, but we get to see enough to understand some of the things more.

P.S. I deleted the ratings for this one, 'cause they weren't needed.

Positive things:
- Interesting.
- Very funny.
- We get to see the full short films "The Kranny" and "Sorry".
Negative things:
- I can't really think of anything. It was made to give us an inside look, and that's what we got.

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