Title: Half Past Midnight

Also known as:

Year: 1988

Genre: Short / Horror / Gore / Splatter

Language: English

Runtime: 32 min

Director: Wim Vink

Writer: Wim Vink

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0246669/

A young girl is tormented everyday at school by a group of her classmates, but things get taken too far as she ends up walking in front of a bus after being sprayed in the eyes with hair spray. Rushed to hospital, the young girl remains unconscious, there the bullies decide to finish the job and convince one of the nurses to poison the girl. Too bad for them, the poison causes the girl to come back from the brink of death, and now she's hell bent on revenge.

Our thoughts:
Here's a little gem that slipped under my radar until Louis from Massacre Video (go buy some shit from him) brought it to my attention. Naturally, doing a bit of research didn't turn up much, so I of course had to watch the movie. I must say, it definitely was not what I was expecting at all and sometimes that can be a good thing, but in this case, it's not. Right off the bat, the movie does something that really pissed me off and oddly enough isn't the first time I've seen it happen in a movie. Like "The Abomination", the movie starts off by playing a trailer for the movie at the beginning and gives away all the good scenes, the ones that make the movie worth watching. Why would you do that? Why in god's name would you put a trailer of the movie you're about to watch, before said movie and give away the movie's bread 'n butter? So "Half past Midnight" starts off by being a kick to the face for the audience, and would have to do something really special to make up for it, which it doesn't.

The other thing that I found strange is the fact that the movie plays out more like a music video than anything else. You want to know how much dialogue there is in the movie? Three lines. No exaggeration, there are only about three lines of dialogue that are spoken by two characters. One is from the lead female-antagonist, who calls our female-protagonist a bitch. Then one of the antagonist’s friends inviting her boyfriend over to come and look at the pictures she took. Like most movies, when the end credits roll the movie lists the character names along with the actors name who portrayed them. Here's the kicker though, since nobody speaks during the entire movie, it doesn't matter what the character's names are because you don't know who the hell anybody is. Not only is there no dialogue, but there are very minimal sounds used in the movie. As far as I can recall the only sounds I heard in it, were from the revving of a chainsaw and a couple of various female characters screaming, other than that, its all music.

One thing that having dialogue might have helped with, is the actual plot of the movie. Yes, since this is only a gore short, the story is very easy to follow. Group of kids torment the nerdy girl, tormenting goes to far and she ends up hospitalized, failed attempt at poisoning the girl in the hospital brings her back to life and she goes after them for revenge. Clearly we aren't talking about a complicated plot, but what I was curious about is that it seems that the entire town really hates the young female protagonist. Having a gang of kids torture the nerd is nothing new, but she not only has no friends, but a teacher joins in on not only humiliating the girl, but raping her too. Then a nurse at the hospital helps out the gang of hoodlums by being the one to inject poison in her while she's in a coma. (You know it's poison that she is injected with because the bottle has skull and cross bones sticker on it.) What I want to know is, why? This girl must have been completely irritating if this many people wanted to fuck up her life, and if that's the case, maybe being dead isn't such a bad thing.

At this point, I wanted to hate "Half Past Midnight" since there really hasn't been anything likeable about the movie, except for the extreme cheese factor. Then at the end of the movie it gets better from having the antagonist coming back to life, and start tearing shit up with knives, an axe, and a chainsaw. Obviously being a low budget effort, they couldn't do much in the way of SPFX, so a majority of the death scenes happen off screen. For the knife attacks, you see the girl strike with the knife, and then it cuts to the person with the knife in whatever part of their body was stabbed, and there's blood everywhere. Then with the axe and the chainsaw, it just shows the antagonist getting hosed down with blood, and then it cuts to the aftermath.

So while most of "Half Past Midnight" makes me want to hate the movie. The death scenes (even as bad as they are), the overall cheese factor of the movie and the fact that it's style reminds me of: “The Abomination, "Bad Karma", and "Chainsaw Scum Fuck", (all of which are good movies) makes me want to like the movie. Which, I guess leaves me indifferent and resting on the border of love and hate. I can't recommend the movie, but if you ignore my opinions on the movie and you come across it and you think you'll enjoy it. Then the chances are that you will, so you should probably give it a go.

Positive things:
- The movie manages to be charming with its cheese.
- A tooling up sequence in the vein of "Evil Dead 2".
- The fact that we have no idea who anybody is, there is still a credits list at the end of the movie listing off the character's names.
Negative things:
- The "trailer" at the beginning of the movie that gives away all of the good stuff in the movie. Not only that but does a movie that lasts about 30 minutes really need a trailer, and before the movie no less?
- The never-ending music.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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