Title: Halley

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Drama / Horror

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 84 min

Director: Sebastian Hofmann

Writer: Sebastian Hofmann & Julio Chavezmontes

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1890417/

Struggling with a physical disease, Alberto is forced to quit his job as a night guard. His boss, Luly, wants to take him out for his last day, and it turns into a date. But the disease is too far gone, and Alberto's body can no longer take it.

Our thoughts:
"Halley" has been doing some festivals but seems to have been kept under the radar - or maybe it's just skipped due to a title that doesn't appeal. Essentially it's a body horror drama, but one that doesn't go for boils, slime or even that in-depth. It kinda fits into the zombie genre, but saying that would annoy those who wants flesh eaters. There are several dramatic horror movies that follows a person who turns into a zombie during the movie - this is one of them.

Alberto is a night guard who is forced to quit his job due to a disease. The disease is bruising his body, skin is sticking to his clothes so it peels off when he takes them off, and he's getting weaker and weaker. Soon after, Alberto dies... and wakes up again in the morgue. The movie is about how Alberto tries to get away from everything and just accept his fate, but during his fall he's invited out by his boss, Luly, and it quickly turns into a date. I believe this works mostly to show the unfortunate turn of events, that when his life is literally ending, he's getting close to someone even without trying.

A masterpiece in storytelling? Not at all. It's not even very original, as the close-and-personal styled zombie movie has been done before. "Halley" does, however, show off a slower, calmer and sadder side than many of them. It has a few gruesome scenes where you see his bruises and wounds (a scene towards the end especially), but it's not over-the-top in the least. Instead it's more like seeing a corpse from a morgue, where blood and goo isn't flowing because the heart has stopped. It's oozing of something a lot more real.

There's a calmness in this movie that really got me into it, but I can imagine that it might not be for everyone. The ending is questionably sudden - but it could also be seen as a beautiful decision to make. When the movie finally seems to head towards a close to Alberto's story and it has reached horror territory, it cuts to something on the opposite side of the spectrum. I have had some time to think it over, and I still feel the movie should have continued a bit further before cutting to its atmospheric end sequence. As nice as that finale was, it was pushed on us too soon.

"Halley" is a very sad horror/drama about a man finally accepting that he is a walking dead. It's body horror but not one of the very disgusting ones (it's not like "Thanatomorphose" in that sense). The idea has been done before, but certain aspects of it makes it feel fresh. They have taken a really slow approach, and it's actually very rarely stepping into horror territory. Hell, the only horror part of it is that he continues to live and decompose after his death. I still feel comfortable in calling it a horror/drama since it's not for the general drama fans, and would appeal more to the horror crowd. It's definitely a watchable movie, but not something I'd tell people to seek out unless their interests seem to fit in perfectly.

Positive things:
- Excellent effects.
- Alberto Trujillo plays the role of a dead man great.
- A very calm but sad experience.
Negative things:
- The idea has been explored before.
- It should have gone a little further.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 4/5
Comedy: 0/5

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