Title: Halloween 3

Also known as:
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Year: 1982

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Runtime: 98 min

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Writer: Tommy Lee Wallace

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085636/

Halloween is closing in when Dr. Challis begins to suspect that something strange is going on with the manipulative commercials for Silver Shamrock's masks. He starts investigating it after strange murders and suicides occur, and soon find something almost otherwordly about the whole company. What will happen when the counter to Halloween is at zero?

Our thoughts:
I figured I'd start this review by getting a few new enemies, so here we go. The biggest fans of "Halloween 3" are probably some of the silliest, most elitist bunch I have ever met. Not everyone who likes or loves the movie, but the biggest supporters of it. It's known that a lot of people dislike this movie simply because it doesn't have Michael Myers in it. I know, because I was confused by that growing up myself. And I was never a fan of this third movie. For years I didn't know if it was because of that or not, so now was a perfect time to find the truth. I'm not a Michael Myers fanboy anymore, although I dig the first "Halloween" still, and I am rather sad that they didn't go with a different story already in the second movie (even though that one is decent). I would've loved a series of seperate Halloween stories, that was a great idea! But to say always claim that "You don't like it because it doesn't have Michael Myers in it", or "You just don't get it", is fucking stupid. Why can't people dislike the movie for other reasons? So the question is: do I like "Halloween 3" or not?

The story in this one is pretty interesting, and let's face it - perfect for the holidays. Kids are gathering around the television whenever the commercial for Silver Shamrock's Halloween masks is on - and they're quick to sing the song. These commercials serve as a manipulation to get everyone around the TV at a certain time, for a very big event. This is something Dr. Challis investigates after witnessing a few strange events connected to the production company behind the masks. And if you, the viewer, isn't singing the song at least once before the movie is over, there's something wrong with you.

With that said, the important part of this review isn't the plot, but to figure out what I think. I really like the idea, I think it's fun. But the movie is cheesy and silly. There's no way around that. The idea works up to a certain level, and then it just becomes a weird, silly, sci-fi thriller. It's not scary, it's not really suspenseful. But I repeat, it is pretty fun still. One of the main things that keeps this "fun" is the fact that it IS a holiday horror. It WILL get you pumped for Halloween, and it will have you sing the song while counting the days. But to act as if this is a masterpiece is absurd to me. It must be a case of severe nostalgia, enjoying a fun cheesy horror, or... simply being elitist. I am elitist for saying THAT. And that's okay, I'm a "critic".

One thing I can't deny is that it has fun effects - from the melting masks to the laser-torn-mouth (or whatever the fuck you should call it). Obviously they're not convincing anymore, but they're fun and doesn't shy away from being gory. Although there is that ridiculous scene of the two "Silver Shamrock employees" ripping someone's head off, which is mildly retarded.

"Halloween 3" is conceptually interesting and an overall fun production. To say I disliked it would be exaggerated, as I enjoyed it. But I don't understand why some act as if this is a religion - it's not fantastic by any means! I think any big fan of the holiday should watch this at least once in the month of October, especially the Americans (which is where the holiday is the biggest, anyway). Don't mind the cheese and silliness, and you'll have a good time with this third installment!

Positive things:
- Good idea, both for this film and the "Halloween" series.
- Entertaining effects/gore.
- A fun sci-fi thriller.
- Catchy tune!
Negative things:
- The biggest fans are pretty moronic.
- So many stupid and silly moments.
- The scene where they rip the head off.
- The further I get into the story, the less interested I am. I was at my peak in the middle, and then it went downhill.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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