Title: Here Comes the Devil

Also known as:
Ahí va el diablo

Year: 2012

Genre: Horror / Thriller / Supernatural

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 97 min

Director: Adrián García Bogliano

Writer: Adrián García Bogliano

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2107648/

A family trip goes dark when the son and daughter disappear in the hills in Tijuana. After intense searching they finally come back, but they're not quite as they used to be. The parents start looking into what could have happened, and they fear the worst. The mother investigates further and is scared of what she discovers.

Our thoughts:
Adrián García Bogliano has been making a couple of decent movies in the last few years with "I'll Never Die Alone" and "Cold Sweat". The earlier "Rooms For Tourists" wasn't all too good, but he showed what he could do in the two other ones. It's interesting to follow a very consistent filmmaker, especially when it's a name that shows as much promise as Adrián García Bogliano does in his work. "Here Comes the Devil" is a title that I can imagine will be hitting people in the right places, but personally it's a movie I had a little struggle with.

A married couple takes their kids out for a trip to Tijuana. The parents let their two kids, a son and daughter, trek up a large hill nearby while the parents have a little sexual experience in the car while they wait. They fall asleep while waiting for the kids, and wake up way after the time they had told them to be back. The kids are gone, and not even the cops can seem to find them. The kids come back the next day (or so), but they are not the same people they were before.

What happened to the kids? Where have they been? Who did they meet? These are all questions we are spending the rest of the movie getting answers for. A big problem with "Here Comes the Devil" is that it wants too much. It mixes several plotlines and never takes full advantage of either. It's part revenge thriller, part investigation mystery, and part supernatural/Satanic horror. We've seen a few movies lately that could be compared to it, like "Lovely Molly" and "The Pact". Neither which I loved, and would probably say I enjoyed "Here Comes the Devil" more. But it's also more split and rarely has a thread that's completely worth following. When the ending rolls in we don't really care, we put enough interest in the revenge plot and everything around that, that it didn't matter much what happened later.

If you try to dig deeper in the movie you will have a jolly good time. I'm not even sure any specific meanings were put into it, but there's enough sexual expression to fill a pornographer's head. Does the movie really need all of it to tell the story? I honestly don't know. I don't know if opening the movie with two nude lesbians fooling around added to the plot, or if it was just a slasher influence. Since the movie focuses heavily on possession and the supernatural, you could assume the amount of sexuality is to portray sin, but again, is that really it? Adrián García Bogliano could just as well be adding a lot of it to push sex for the sake of it.

"Here Comes the Devil" would be perfect for you if you enjoy where "Lovely Molly" and "The Pact" took you, but if you like it more or less than those will depend on what you want out of the experience. It's a decent enough movie, but it splits itself up so many times that the finale couldn't please me. I actually thought the ending was horribly boring, and you'd want something great out of a mystery horror. At times "Here Comes the Devil" completely throws you into it, but most of the time it is dancing around subjects not giving either enough attention, while using violence, nudity and sexuality as glue.

Positive things:
- At times very interesting.
- Good gore effects!
- Some uncomfortable moment.
- The most well-produced movie the director has made so far.

Negative things:
- Tries too much.
- Poor ending.
- It was hard to know if they wanted to tell something deeper or be "just" a horror movie.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 0/5

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