Title: Hiruko the Goblin

Also known as:
Yôkai hantâ: Hiruko (Original title)

Year: 1991

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 89 min

Director: Shinya Tsukamoto

Writer: Koji Tsutsumi, Daijirô Morohoshi (Manga)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100991/

A school gets attacked by a demon because it happened to be built on a gate to Hell. A young student, Masao, and a professor investigates the school and the odd events that are going on, and eventually ends up meeting the decapitating goblin known as "Hiruko".

Our thoughts:
Forget everything you know about Shinya Tsukamoto's ways of filmmaking. Atleast most of them. "Hiruko The Goblin" carries little to none of the things you normally expect to find in his films. Although, I believe this movie is getting alot more bad-mouthing than it's worth. It's not another masterpiece, but it's a really odd and fun tale that is worth every buck I spent on it.

One decapitation after the other could sum the movie up fairly good, especially if you read the IMDb comment "A film about a head". But it's a bit more complex than that. But I don't know if it should be called complex, since it feels like one of the most random horror movies I have ever seen. But in a good way.. Kinda. Enough about that. It's about a school that's built on a gateway for demons to pass from Hell to Earth. Hiruko is one of these demons, and it's spreading horror all over the school. A student and professor stick around after the killings to investigate closer, and are very soon eye-to-eye with this horrific... thing. That's what it is. A thing. I can't describe this movie well enough for it to make sense, and I sort of think Shinya Tsukamoto wanted us to be this confused. It's a pretty cool movie though, it might not make any sense but it's just overall entertaining. It's fast-paced and while it doesn't focus on building a solid plot, it did a great job at being fun. This is something I wish Shinya Tsukamoto does more, I mean, horror movies overall. I'm a fan of both his newer movie, "Nightmare Detective", and this, and even though I prefer his usual stuff, these are a breath of fresh air that I think helps his other stuff remain as masterpieces, because he has insane horror movies like this to play around with.

The effects in "Hiruko The Goblin" are so-so. The gore I liked, but the monster stuff was a bit silly. But the movie is indeed silly, so it's not something that drags it down. Actually, it helped it, if that's possible. But it's worth mentioning, because it has plenty of scenes that requires special effects, so if you are REALLY picky on that stuff (which would be stupid of you to be), this won't be good enough for you.

Don't you just love shorter reviews? I know I do. And this is all I have to say about "Hiruko The Goblin"; A fun fucked up film about some silly fucked up goblin, that features fantastic blood splatter. It differs from Shinya Tsukamoto's other works, but then again it's a film he was hired to make. Don't forget to pack the popcorn for this rollercoaster ride.

Positive things:
- Who can hate this movie? C'mon, it's just not possible!
- Blood sprays.
- The goblin.
- Actually manages to be silly AND atmospheric.
Negative things:
- Made me think I was too tired to follow the movie. Then I figured out that it was actually just really random.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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