Title: Home Movie

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Mokumentary / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Christopher Denham

Writer: Christopher Denham

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1267319/

Through a video camera we get to follow the Poe family after having moved into a new house. The mother, a psychologist, has bought a video camera to document some of her cases but the father, a priest, uses it mostly for his own amusement. He films Halloween, Thanksgiving and such events. The kids in the house start to act stranger and stranger for every holiday and occasion.

Our thoughts:
It was fun to watch a movie where I knew that when I eventually sit down to write the review I wouldn't have a single good thing to say about it. And it's not just that I'm grumpy again, it's the fact that this movie is bad. Oh yes, very bad. I wouldn't say it's so bad that I will remember the movie for a long time, it's too bland for that. That's the difference between just boring-blah-bad and something that you personally hate for whatever reason. "Home Movie" is just a boring, bad movie, not one I will spill hatred over for years to come.

It's about a family who moves into a house, and the father starts filming them during different holidays and such for the first period in the new house. But the kids start to do weird things. It starts with stuff like throwing their plates of food on the floor during grace (father is a priest, mother a psychologist - neat, huh?). It amps up to crucifying a cat and finally it has them turning on the parents. What could've been a pretty good child horror ended up being something so uninteresting and boring that even if it packed good scares then we'd be sleeping by then anyway. And yes, I did zone out a few times only to wake up by my own head falling. I wasn't the only one - I watched this with my girlfriend and I looked over and saw that her eyes were closed as well.

The biggest problem with this movie was the mockumentary approach, something I usually dig the hell out of. They had no idea how to use this in a realistic way. The editing is shockingly bad where they cut every time someone happens, but first adding a tape static effect. It shows boring scenes for too long and if something happens it cuts before we understand what happened anyway. And then there's the questioning of "why would they film this?". That's something that comes with the territory. You often find yourself wondering why certain things like dinners are filmed in these films. I don't care in an otherwise good film but when the rest of the film is bad then this is just another thing to bug your face off. There was no need for this to be a mockumentary other than the couple of scenes where the parents talk into the camera (when the mother documents for her work). I guess you could say some of it is justified when, at the end, the mother tells her husband that there's no reason to film any more because there's no one watching. This is after everything has happened. It all makes you wonder why such priority was put on bringing the camera when YOUR TWO FUCKING KIDS ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU!! Shut the camera off and be a parent! I don't know who I hated more, the parents or the kids. There's one scene that could've given a reason to the kids behavior where it was almost as if they set up a plot of pedophilia, but that was shrugged off quickly. And there's also no explanation at the end. Again, some films should be that way for full effect. But that's good films.

The fact that the father is a priest and the mother a psychologist was a pretty annoying detail when you realize that it was only a set-up to be able to have a failed exorcism and them feeding their kids drugs. Another idea that could've worked if it wasn't so forced into the movie - I can't think of any reasons as to why the father was a priest. Movies shouldn't contain things that are irrelevant to the story, I know that, but when it's pathetic, forced shit like this then just re-write it.

"Home Movie" lacks so much that is needed for a film like to work. It's not realistic in how it was made, it's not scary in any way, the characters are annoying as fuck, there are no explanations, every scene felt like it was pushed (especially everything in the beginning) and there's just too much shitty editing. "Home Movie" is just a bad movie in so many ways and I think that's the only thing that could be said, because I am so very sure of that fact that it made writing the review extra easy.

Positive things:
- It's so bad that writing the review required 0 thought.
Negative things:
- Pick any random sentence in the review and you'll get a negative thing about it.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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