Title: Horny House of Horror

Also known as:
Fasshon Heru
Fashion Hell
Nippon Splatterotics 2

Year: 2010

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 75 min

Director: Jun Tsugita

Writer: Jun Tsugita

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1806906/

To celebrate a buddy getting married, three guys decide to stop at a local brothel after a baseball game. Everything seems normal until the men are escorted into their rooms by the lovely ladies of the house. They came for pleasure but they'll be leaving in pieces.

Our thoughts:
Well, here I am, onto "Nippon Splatterotics 2" or as it's better known as "Horny House of Horror" and after the abomination that was "Nippon Splatterotics" ("The Big Tits Dragon") I was not happy at all when I hit play. Basically, before the movie even started I had the same look on my face that I do when I eat vegetables.

The story moves out of the strip club and into the brothel and instead of slutty Japanese women taking to battle against the undead. We have slutty Japanese women cutting the dicks off of John's while in the throws of passion. That's it, really. Not much story wise - brothel full of women (actually there are only three women in total) attack their customers, one customer tries to escape with one of the girls, the manager and the other women try to stop them. There isn't even an explanation as to why they're killing their customers - they just do.

Far more enjoyable than "Big Tits Dragon" but, again, I found the overall movie to be typical attempts at recreating Western sleazy camp b-movies. "Horny House of Horror" has been one of the more tolerable movies and I can only assume that's due to its simplicity. Hookers and dead bodies - that's it. It's not trying to out crazy and out over-the-top these other Japanese-splatter movies like the others seem to do and doesn't feel like the cinematic equivalent of a hipster douchebag.

Then again, the movie is also too simple for it's own good. There's nothing to latch onto, nothing to draw you in and nothing memorable. It's actual so devoid of any substance that I'm not sure what there is to comment on. It's a no-budget project so there is a general lack of quality. The acting is terrible but that's obviously what they were going for. The death scenes are over-the-top and ridiculous and again, that's what they were going for. The humor and entertainment value is nonexistent so I think you'd have to be borderline brain dead to enjoy such a sub-par movie.

I think the only compliment I can give this movie is to say that if it were a short film, "Horny House of Horror" would have worked quite well. Having watched the first two "Nippon Splatterotics" movies, I have to say the potential for a successful anthology movie would have been high. As opposed to the dull and terrible individual installments that they have done. I know I certainly wouldn't have hadn't hated that god awful nightmare "Big Tits Dragon" as much had it been condensed into a short film.

But I digress, "Horny House of Horror" was a less miserable experience than its predecessor but it's still a fairly awful movie. All of these Japanese-splatter movies, whether it's "Machine Girl" or "Horny House of Horror", are totally devoid of the charm and entertainment that Western b-movies have, as well as German's splatter flicks. Japan had no problem turning out wonderful horror and exploitation movies in the past so I don't understand why they waste so much time and energy trying to replicate other movies. Especially when all of them continue to fail in every conceivable way.

Positive things:
- Some alright gore gags.
Negative things:
- Another pointless movie with lots of failed elements.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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