Title: Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9

Also known as:
Onna shinnyû-shain: 5-ji kara 9-ji made (Original title)

Year: 1982

Genre: Adult / Comedy / Drama

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 66 min

Director: Katsuhiko Fujii

Writer: Shigeko Satô

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2884318/

On Chieko's first day of work as an assistant manager, she gets to know the dirty things that are going on in her new boss' mind. She does what she has to do to get ahead in her career, but the fact that he has a wife bothers her. Chieko, his wife and another girl at work who has had her fair share of private meetings with him decide to get back at him for what he is doing.

Our thoughts:
A new batch of Impulse Pictures' Nikkatsu collection is out, and "Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9" is possibly the least intriguing they've put out for a while when looking at title and cover alone. In this rare case, the movie is much more entertaining than expected, and might just be one of the bigger surprises of the Nikkatsu collection so far.

Attempting to cash in on the Dolly Parton driven "Nine to Five", this movie also features three women at a work space, with a scumbag boss. Our main lead is Chieko, a newly employed assistant manager who doesn't mind a little "fun" with the her boss. But the fact that he is married, and she's frequently around work, concerns her. When the boss soon finds interest in yet another woman at work, it's time to stop his messing around. Chieko, the wife and the third woman team up to get at him once and for all.

I understand why the wife would want revenge, but that the three become best buddies might be a bit unexplained - but what does that matter? They suddenly get along after having a little threesome, what's wrong with that? That's how all women solve their quarrels, obviously! You never came here for the plot to begin with, so who are you trying to fool? Fact is, "Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9" is a really entertaining movie considering how bland it actually is. It's the fact that most of the movie is done with a certain wink, that nothing really matters because even the big revenge is amusing, even though it's actually quite evil.

The sex scenes are plenty, and like the fellow Nikkatsu titles they don't stick in any way. Some are hotter than others, many of them are quite ridiculous (like when Chieko has rubbed her clit with a cream that'll give her an orgasm through what feels like small shocks, and she falls in the arms of her boss - and he jumps at the chance to help her out). It's light-hearted even in most erotic scenes, and there's no harm in that. I'll rather have that than the most bland, boring scenes. Especially since Nikkatsu titles usually have quite long sex scenes.

If you have enjoyed some of the previous Nikkatsu titles from Impulse Pictures, this one could be a nice addition to your private collection. I expected to be bored but was treated to some pleasant entertainment. It's just a fun movie to put on when you don't want something plot heavy that requires your full focus. In the end, with a title like "Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9", that's all you really need.

Positive things:
- Entertaining little "Nine to Five" rip off.
- Pretty ladies!
- The revenge was hilariously evil.
- Doesn't have as stupiud censoring as some fellow Nikkatsu's.
Negative things:
- It has the same flaws as most Nikkatsu titles: the sex scenes aren't great but very long and plenty.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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