Title: Huset vid vägens ände

Also known as:
The Cellar (US title)
The House at the End of the Road (English title)

Year: 2003

Genre: Supernatural / Horror

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 73 min

Director: Martin Kjellberg & Nils Wåhlin

Writer: Martin Kjellberg & Nils Wåhlin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1105281/

Four art students rent a large house in the middle of the woods so that they can put some intense focus on their arts for a while. When they get there they don't get much work done due to some weird things that start happening. Soon they start to suspect that there is something in the house with them, and that it wants them all dead.

Our thoughts:
It seems very hard to make an original horror movie in Sweden. But I suppose that if you copy every cliché you have seen in a horror movie and put them in your own film, it's completely your fault. This one does that, as you can see even in the simple synopsis: Four students go to a big old house and strange things happen. Is that familiar? No? Good for you, then I suppose you can watch this one and after that you can basicly say that you have seen every little thing that a ghost movie usually features. It's a tired old genre. When they are good they are great, but it's lazy writing like this that makes it hard for me to seek out more of them.

The acting is pretty good, especially from one of the guys. I can't really remember his name, but he had a bit of beard. I think he was convincing and did a good job at carrying most of the movie. One of the things that makes this movie bareable is just that - the acting. Not always flawless, but it feels natural and most of the time they say things in the way they would be said in real life.

There isn't really anything to be scared of in this movie. There are a few moments that really attempt to be chilling, and while they're not all that bad, they're ruined by something. Most of the time it's the ghosts themselves when they appear to us. They're just normal people, but they are grinning. It just gets goofy and I can't say I understand exactly why they were grinning either. I suppose a bit of make-up on them could've made it sinister, but now they just seem to be haunted by very happy people.

"Huset vid vägens ände" is another Swedish horror movie that follows the Hollywood formula with little to no originality to it. Much like "Strandvaskaren" that I reviewed during our Swedathon. But this one has even less of a Swedish feel and goes basicly straight to copying every ghost-in-a-house film that has ever been made in the mighty Hollywood. Even the ending, which is a twist, is very much Hollywood. But the movie seems to be done by fans of the genre, and maybe this was just a labour of love. That's fine when it's a fun thing that amateurs do to learn how to make good films, that they later show around to friends or maybe self-release if anyone is interesting. Because it is pretty well-made. The problem is that when the movie is released by a major distributor, it is just another clichéd horror movie. If you want that you should watch "Besökarna" instead, a much superior Swedish supernatural movie.

Positive things:
- Decent acting, they played it natural enough.
- I liked the police investigation at the end of the movie.
- The guy who played that one guy was good.
- The paintings.
- The filmmakers really could make a good movie if they didn't just rip films off.
Negative things:
- Nothing original. At all.
- Stupid happy ghosts!
- I'm glad that an amateur effort like this can get distribution but I wonder if this would've been better had it been left in the hands of the creators.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

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