Title: I'll Never Die Alone

Also known as:
No moriré sola (Original title)
Jag ska inte dö ensam (Swedish DVD title)

Year: 2008

Genre: Exploitation / Rape-Revenge / Thriller

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 86 min

Director: Adrián García Bogliano

Writer: Adrián García Bogliano & Ramiro García Bogliano

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1278102/

Four women on a trip stumble upon a wounded girl outside of a small town. They take the girl to the cops and tell their story, but when they're about to leave town they meet the men who attacked the girl. They're dragged into the woods where they are tortured, raped and left for dead. But the survivors are ready fight back.

Our thoughts:
I had no idea what this movie was when the package from Njutafilms arrived. I actually hadn't even heard of the name before that very moment. But as it turns out this little exploitation flick is directed by Adrián García Bogliano from Argentina who also directed "Rooms For Tourists", a film I have previously reviewed. Had I known this before watching the movie my expectations would've been kept low because "Rooms For Tourists" was far from a great movie. The director has made plenty of other titles as well, one more I recognize is "36 pasos" but I really can't remember if I ever saw that one or not - I just know I was going to at one point. "I'll Never Die Alone" is miles ahead of the unoriginal slasher that is "Rooms For Tourists". Although it wouldn't be right to call this one original either because it's still working with a much familiar concept. And by that I mean it's a rape-revenge story. But the movie uses influences from the best and adapts them very well.

One big difference from many of the other rape-revenge movies is that this film focuses on a group of women instead of just one. We have four women who are driving through a small town out in the bush. After a meeting with a girl at a gas station they find the same girl severely wounded when they are on their way out of there. They stop and pick her up but hear gunshots in the woods nearby and get a glance of the killers before they leave to report to the police. By the time they are done and leaving the killers have tracked them down with their car. When the women try to run away one of them is shot and the rest are forced into the woods where they attack and rape them. By the end of this nightmare, two of the girls are seeking revenge on these bastards and a hammer, barbed wire and a shotgun will be their weapons.

It's not at all original, but I found it more interesting that this time it was more than one woman. Even though only two of them are there for the revenge it made it more appealing to me. It follows a basic formula but manages to do it well. The rape scene is very long and played out great. I think the acting was very good in the scene, especially from the women. Even though the soundtrack that was used in the scene made it less realistic it still gave it a different atmosphere than it would've gotten without it so it served its purpose. The rape scene also has a fair share of nudity and not just from the girls. The revenge is pretty good, it feels much like "I Spit On Your Grave" where they don't go overboard with the kills. Instead they just want to get the job done so they can move to the next rapist. I'm surprised that I dug that the hammer scene shyed away from most of the violence and instead just showed us the woman getting blood on her (except for the shot of the nose being torn off). More graphic violence in the other kills would've helped but I definitely don't think it needed it. And I should say the finale took me a bit by surprise and was a fun way to end it (fun as in interesting).

It's not the perfect rape-revenge film but it uses the material correctly. Some scenes could've been shortened and the revenge could've been a bit longer (and graphic), but none of it was needed. I suppose in this one the revenge scenes worked better when they weren't dragged out to gross you out, but just to get the revenge. Some decisions the director made could be questioned (and there are two scenes where you see the camera in a reflection very clearly) and improved a lot but I am happy with what "I'll Never Die Alone" had to offer me. It's a fine addition to a bit of a favorite subgenre of mine.

Positive things:
- Much, much better than "Rooms For Tourists" by the same director.
- Great finale.
- Far from original but still works great.
- Good acting from the women!
- A long and fairly harsh rape scene makes any rape-revenge story better.
Negative things:
- The damn camera in the reflection.
- More graphic violence wouldn't have hurt.
- I would've shortened some parts.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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