Title: I Love You Like a Twist

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Independent / Action / Splatter

Language: Italian

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Lorenzo Lepori

Writer: Lorenzo Lepori & Valentina Vannelli

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2261647/

A mobster escapes from prison and is out to seek revenge on his brother. What starts out as a family feud expands into shoot-outs, shady business and something unearthly.

Our thoughts:
Through the years I've been through all kinds of films. The film world is far from just black and white - sometimes you stumble upon stuff that might not specifically be bad but that you can't relate to or find much pleasure in because it's too far from what you're interested in, or what you know. You can call it unrelatable. "I Love You Like a Twist" fits into this, because it works heavily as a homage to the classic US pulp cinema, something I haven't found much pleasure in. Also heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino, who I can't really get into for the same reasons. It doesn't make me the best person to review the film, but at the same time all films need to be treated the same, and it IS a fact that some films aren't for everyone and this is the point of view from one of those.

It's a mafia story involving a family feud, as they more often than not are (either within families or between families). A man comes out of prison and is set to go after his brother who betrayed him. The movie is very slowly going through the days of the mobsters, and I felt it was hard to really get a grip of what the story they wanted to deliver was. After a while it sinks in and you manage to follow it as it develops. But again, being a story and a sort of film I don't have much interest or knowledge in, a lot of homages, character traits, dialogue, is just coming off as boring to me. However, later on in the movie it develops into something very different, something that I am sure is influenced by "From Dusk Till Dawn" in how it takes a very classic genre and injects it with horror.

It takes a slight turn to the occult/monster horror within the final 30 minutes, while it also delivers its biggest action scene (if you can call it that). While I am an old horror hound and think adding this gave it an extra kick, I would have preferred if it was a horror movie like this to begin with. Cheesy horror is always more fun than any other genre being cheesy. The monster is fucking awesome, honestly. It looks so ridiculous, and clearly made out of fabrics, and I just fell in love with it. It's very ambitious of them to make something like this - a big monster with huge fangs, crazy eyes and weird body structure. I was in awe at the silliness of this monster. But it definitely doesn't save the movie, because for an hour we've been watching a mobster story that I had a hard time with, so it would take a bit more than a cheesy monster to turn me around.

The shoot-outs are alright if you consider the budget and all that. It's nothing great, but I've seen it done much worse. The blood effects are saved, at least slightly, by the fact that it's black and white. But the blood is rather thin and watery, and the wounds are very simple. I can't say I expected them to be great anyway, so they didn't stand out as being bad or poor to me. It's also not a film that is driven by splatter, although it does have some scenes that would remind you of the Germans later on in the film. The monster effects are just so silly that I couldn't help but appreciate it. It's a highlight of an otherwise mediocre independent production. Simply because it's so ugly and weird, hah!

"I Love You Like a Twist" is clearly made by people who simply are fans of film. They probably thought "What the hell, we should try it" and just went out and did it. They had fun with it, and definitely knew where to go for inspiration, but to someone who is outside of the genre it doesn't come off as a very entertaining movie except for the final part where they brought in a monster into the gangster mix. While the monster was awesome in its silliness, I didn't find the film to be as funny as it probably should've been, and the story was at times confusing even though it's simple on paper (again, was the monster a logical choice?). The shoot-outs are watchable but only in contrast in this otherwise dialogue heavy film. If you seek this out then it should be because you love the type of films it's inspired by, or because you're interested in seeing the very strange monster that they for some reason decided to add into the story. It's a weird movie that I can't hate because most of the story is about something I don't have an interest in, and it's done with love and appreciation for film. But I did not have a good time with the film (what-the-fuck-moments aside) and that's ultimately what made me write this semi-negative review. At least it's better than "Dragonetti"!

Positive things:
- The monster is fucking awesome!
- The shoot-outs aren't too bad.
- The effects aren't fantastic but you don't feel bothered by them.
Negative things:
- The monster is only in a small part of the film.
- I don't have an interest in the genre that this film wants to be part of.
- It's hard to follow at times.
- Not as funny as it wants to be.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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