Title: Insatiable

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Short / Horror

Language: No Spoken Dialogue

Runtime: 25 min

Director: Scott Perry

Writer: Scott Perry


A serial killer with a fascination for blood poses as a vampire and lures young women back to his place where he drains them of their blood. The killer soon becomes obsessed with a young blonde who he continues to cross paths with and when the two finally meet, the night is guaranteed to end in bloodshed.

Our thoughts:
People say that there needs to be more original stories with horror movies these days but the truth is that it's hard to come up with something original for an idea that has been around for many many years, especially when it comes to vampires. "Insatiable" is a short film by Scott Perry that shows that for a movie to be good isn't determined by how original its storyline is but how you tell the story.

"Insatiable" is about a man with an obsession with blood and vampires; his obsession is such that he enjoys luring young women to a hotel and drains them of their blood. While his fake fangs are limiting, he still makes do with modern medical techniques. While trying to maintain a normal life with his wife, whom he keeps at a distance, both of his worlds collide as he soon becomes fixated on a beautiful blonde woman who continues to cross paths with while his wife uncovers the mystery that surrounds her husbands night life.

The serial killer aspect of the story brings an interesting and fun twist to the vampire sub-genre but what makes "Insatiable" such a note worthy short film is its ability to tell its story with less than conventional methods. The movie is completely dialogue free and while not that uncommon in the filmmaking world it is for these kinds of movies. Being able to tell the story dialogue free reflects the talent and ability both by Scott Perry and the actors involved. It's also refreshing in a sense that the movie isn't bogged down with excess material and keeps it light with a straight forward tale that you have to watch and give it the attention it deserves to get the story.

Being dialogue free is something that will ultimately bore those with lacking attention spans but "Insatiable" is able to get its hooks into you with the music and the lighting. Because of the lack of dialogue, the movie requires everything else to help sell it and thankfully Scott put the attention in the proper places. The music adds to the brooding atmosphere that blends well into the mystery of this slow-burn flick. The lighting helps give it that evil and sinister glow that makes the characters and the story have an unnatural presence.

"Insatiable" is an excellent demonstration of that it's not necessarily the story that makes a movie good but how you tell it. Going back to the silent era of filmmaking and using unconventional methods of making a modern day movie, "Insatiable" is a pleasurable viewing experience for a tired sub-genre. The movie features a slick production that boasts an amazing soundtrack, great lighting, and some solid performances by the cast. There are faults to be found with the movie if you were to pick at it but at the end of the day; the good out weighs the bad for this short film and it is something people should see especially since Scott was willing to put it online for free.

Positive things:
- Good execution.
- Wonderful soundtrack.
- Excellent lighting.
- The delectable Raine Brown.
- All of the actors did an excellent job.
- The dream sequence.
Negative things:
- While not bad, I would have liked to have seen camera work that was as good as the lighting and music.
- Part of the ending involving the wife was a bit cheesy and didn't fit well with the mood.
- Some aspects of the story were a little unclear.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0/5

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