Title: Intikam Kadini

Also known as:
Turkish I Spit on Your Grave

Year: 1979

Genre: Exploitation / Rape-Revenge

Language: Turkish

Runtime: 60 min

Director: Naki Yurter



Aysel is your typical farmer’s daughter; she keeps to herself, does her chores, and helps take care of her aging father. All of that is about to change though when a group of men staying at Aysel and her father's home after their car breaks down, rape Aysel and kill her father. The men return to their normal lives in the city but Aysel has followed them back and has plans for revenge.

Our thoughts:
After sitting through the more than frustrating remake of "I Spit on Your Grave" I figured it was time to finally watch the infamous "Intikam Kadini" or as it's more commonly known, "Turkish I Spit on Your Grave". Turkey has made a few rip-offs that are well known for being completely terrible, but as anybody obsessed with fashion will tell you, knock-off's can be just as good as the original. So I was fairly optimistic about "Intikam Kadini", I mean, I love me some Bruno Mattei after all, plus it couldn't be worse than the remake. Could it?

"Intikam Kadini" does try to be its own movie - it's not a direct rip-off like some may think. It certainly exists because of "I Spit on Your Grave" since it is about a woman who is savagely gang raped and then takes revenge. It does make some honest attempts at being its own movie though; the men are socially active real estate agents who live in the city but during a trip to the country their car breaks down. They wander to the home of Aysel and her father - where after a night's sleep they decide to rape Aysel and beat her father to death. Instead of throwing herself off a cliff Aysel decides to get revenge, heads into the city, seduces the scumbags one by one and kill them.

I think had this movie been made some place else, it might not have out right been labeled as a 'rip-off' and hadn't received the title "Turkish I Spit on Your Grave". Whether the movie is a rip-off or not isn't really what makes "Intikam Kadini" a bad movie - what makes it a bad movie is that it's a bad movie. And by bad I mean it's fucking terrible. It's a very poorly made movie where it seems like the people behind the camera didn't know what they were doing. Or maybe they did but perhaps Naki Yurter is the Turkish equivalent of Joe D'Amato or Bruno Mattei, and simply didn't care. Maybe if I was more familiar with Turkish cinema I would be a little more certain in my assumptions.

What ever the reason maybe, the one thing that remains certain is that it is simply a terrible movie. I still scratch my head (and laugh) when I think of the scene where the father was beaten to death. Two of the men in the group (of four) come out of the house and think their friends ditched them. So the run over to the father and start screaming demanding to know where the rest of their party is, then simply proceed to pummel him to death. No explanation. They just do it. Then they nonchalantly find their friends who are in the middle of the rape and they all proceed to laugh like it was the end of a bad sitcom. While not all of the scenes are as bad as this one was, it does serve as a good representation of how nonsensical and amusingly pitiful this movie gets. And believe you me; this movie gets awful.

The thing that actually bugged the most wasn't how bad the movie was, because frankly "Intikam Kadini" can qualify as one of those 'so bad its good' movies. What bothered me was the fact that this movie felt almost erotic at times - rather than a rape-revenge movie it was more sexploitation. If people thought Camille Keaton's character was unbelievable in the original "I Spit on Your Grave" because she seduced her attackers. Then "Intikam Kadini" will cause their heads to explode. Zerrin Dogan not only seduces her attackers but she even sleeps with a couple of them as well, in order to exact her revenge. (Apparently they don't recognize her because she put on makeup.) I guess that still wasn't enough sex for the movie as we see the two of the guys bed other women as well, which raises the question: If they have no problem getting laid then why did they rape Aysel in the first place? Analyzing that question is likely to cause an aneurysm but it's just another example of why this movie is so damn awful.

I'll admit it, the remake of "I Spit on Your Grave" isn't anywhere near as terrible as "Intikam Kadini" - even though I was really hoping a rip-off would have been better than a new-age remake. At a runtime of barely an hour, "Intikam Kadini" isn't unwatchable. Nay-Nay. It is in fact entertaining in its awfulness that could be worthwhile for night of inebriated movie watching. Plus there is something to be had with these lost and forgotten exploitation movies that come from less than expected sources.

Positive things:
- Entertaining and amusing in its awfulness.

Negative things:
- Holy shit is that music irritating!
- Rape-revenge movies should not feel like softcore porn.
- Quite a stupid movie when you think about it.
- So stupid and bad it makes you think about how stupid and bad it is. Even after it's over.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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