Title: Into The Woods

Also known as:

Year: 2008

Genre: Independent / Psychological / Rape

Language: English

Runtime: 65 min

Director: Phil Herman

Writer: Phil Herman

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1330031/

After Danielle tells her lover's (Charlie) wife that he's been sleeping with her, after he decided to leave Danielle and stay with his wife, Charlie comes back in rage and rapes Danielle. Danielle then wakes up naked and drugged at a unknown place in the woods. She suffers from memory loss from the drugs she was fed, but slowly starts to remember what happened to her when she's chased by a mysterious man who leaves her clues.

Our thoughts:
Not knowing a single detail what this independent film was about, I happily put in the screener disc I recently received of it in my DVD player. I started off by watching two trailers of other films by Falcon Video, but wasn't left too impressed by them, but keeping in mind how those trailers were, I kept my expectations of this film low for a change.

The plot couldn't really be more confusing than it already is. It sounds simple when it's written down, but it's not. We have a small idea about what's going on through the whole film, but we're never really sure. Alot of the scenes are flashbacks, and some are..well..you're not sure if they are real or not at times. We have many scenes of the lead girl Danielle (played by Nancy Feliciano) running around in the woods, some of those scenes are very long and drag alot, but surprisingly enough they didn't hurt the movie too much. There isn't much I can say about the plot without spoiling the film, but I can say that it takes many turns before it tells you what actually happened. Yes, we're told what has happened.

The acting was pretty bad, which can be expected for a super independent film like this. I'm used to acting like this, so in some movies I don't even notice. I did however notice it sometimes in this film, mostly because they seemed to do the same thing I do in my own films. They use words to explain what's going on or what a person is thinking, to be sure that the viewer understands what's going on. The difference between this film and my films is that the stuff I do are rarely made to be serious, which I would have to say this film is. There are also times where they react really odd to some things, and Nancy sometimes have a problem acting scared/worried. But still, it works if you're used to no budget actors.

Gore is almost nonexistent. We get very little of it, but it's never really needed since people don't die that often. The gore we get looks fine for being no budget gore, but it's not impressive. The movie did alot better in the nudity department though. We get to see Nancy Feliciano naked alot, even when she's out in the woods, so that's good. She's about 40, so she's a bit older than me but I still enjoy T&A when I see it. Hell, some movies can get better by just having any sort of female nudity, even if it's an ugly person. Do I mean Nancy Feliciano is ugly? No, that's not what I'm saying. Don't see any problems with her looks really. Guessing you'll appreciate her more if you're the same age, since I'm about half her age. Atleast. I did however love the fact that the movie didn't have a bunch of teens, but alot of adults instead.

Overall, it's a pretty slow and confusing film, that often has scenes you aren't sure are even needed to be there. The film isn't what you'd call a prime example of exploitation, which is why I didn't categorize it as such even though I felt the movie tried to be just that. It's also not a standard slasher, if a slasher even (let's face it, there's no slashing but it has influences from the genre). I would have to call it a mild independent psychological rape/revenge thriller. It's not a film I will be watching several times, but take it for what it is and you might feel that it was worth an hour of your time. I liked it, but you'll need to enjoy no budget flicks for this one.

Positive things:
- Nudity.
- Not a hip teen flick.
Negative things:
- So-so acting.
- Very confusing.
- Sometimes felt like they made up the film while shooting.
- Slow at times. I did like the running scenes for some odd reason though.
- Lack of gore.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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