Title: Intruso, L'

Also known as:
E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'intruso
And you will live in terror - The Intruder

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy / Torture

Language: Swedish / English

Runtime: 15 min

Director: Lars Gustavsson

Writer: Lars Gustavsson


Tryggve sits down for some late night coffee and bun, when suddenly someone is knocking at the door. Behind the door is Chuck, an english man in cowboy hat, who will do anything to get Tryggve to love him.

Our thoughts:
The whole plot for this movie is just really silly, and not very funny. This is coming from someone who always likes to laugh at stupid shit. The movie could've done without the homosexual plot (if I said "gay plot", you'd just think I was saying "bad plot"), 'cause it wasn't needed at all. They should've went with something funnier.

There is torture in this film, but it's so extremely dark that we don't really see what's going on. There is a scene where I think he is smashing Tryggve's crotch. I base that from the fact that he cuts off his cock right after the smashing. Except for that, we only have a some hitting with stuff (like a belt), and pulling out teeth. Overall very bad torture, which only gets worse by the fact that WE CAN'T SEE IT!

The acting isn't very good either. The guy playing Chuck does a way better job at delivering lines, even though he has to talk english. English in Swedish movies are rarely a good thing, but in this one they actually succeeded in having even worse Swedish dialogue. Kudos! They try very hard to be funny, but it just gets awkward and embarrassing.

I have one thing I can say something positive about - the look of the film. The dark looked good, but it should've been in a different movie. A movie without bad acting, homosexual plot, and this amount of boring stupidity.

The minimal gore we get to see looks decent, which I guess was only helped by the fact that it's so dark. The fake penis was probably the most well made thing in this film. There is an explosion at the end which you could say looks alright, but I wouldn't say the same about Tryggve burning.

This is a very boring film, and is close to never funny OR brutal. It's a short film so if you're still interested, give it a shot.

Positive things:
- The darkness didn't look bad.
- Decent english.
- "Coffee's for straights..You're not straight, are you, Nilsson?"
Negative things:
- Acting and dialogue. Jesus christ!
- They didn't even put on the duct tape over his mouth good.
- You can't see the gore.
- In a movie where the only two actors are guys, you hope you won't see any nudity, but we do have a bare ass bent over.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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