Title: Isle Of The Damned

Also known as:
Bind Them and Kill Them! (Working title)
Cannibal Island Holocaust (Bootleg title)
Island of the Damned (Working title)

Year: 2008

Genre: Comedy / Parody / Exploitation / Cannibals

Language: English

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Mark Colegrove

Writer: Mark Leake

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1260052/

Jack Steele is hired to find the lost treasure of famous explorer Marco Polo on an island in Argentina. Jack and his group stumble upon the Yamma Yamma tribe, the deadly cannibal savages that live on that island, and finding the treasure becomes harder than expected. They also meet Alexis Kinkaid who has been living on the island for 10 years, and has a big house for them to stay secure in.

Our thoughts:
Cannibal parodies/comedies is a rare breed of film, and to be honest I can't even name one, atleast when it comes to the savage tribe type of cannibals, and not just men who's turned to cannibals, like in Cannibal! The Musical. I was very excited to finally watch a movie of this kind but at the same time scared not being sure it could be pulled off the correct way with the low budget Dire Wit Films had. But then again, the front cover says "Banned in 492 countries!", so how can it not be great? Oh, yeah, right. Covers actually can lie. While we know that the "banned"-thing is a lie, it still promises some kind of cruelty, so it does have a few things to live up to before being accepted.

The plot is different from what I would expect. That they are looking for the lost treasure of Marco Polo, it was a bit ridiculous, but the movie never tries to be anything but that. They walk around the entire film in a jungle that is obviously your standard American forest, and the cannibals are Americans in wigs and dirt on them. I think I even saw an overweight cannibal. Is that common? Do they really have that much food, and do they move that little, that they can turn fat? Nevermind, that was hardly a problem. Every sound in this film is pretty much added later, and the dubbing is intentionally the worst ever, probably to pay respect to Italian classics. The entire film is, excuse my language, fucking stupid. Sometimes in a very good way, sometimes far from even a little funny. Plotwise, the thing I enjoyed the most was that they kept on saying that we are the real savages, not the cannibals. A very nice "Cannibal Holocaust" reference.

It had me laughing a couple of times, because sometimes jokes about necrophilia, boys getting raped, rabbit fucking, cocks getting chopped off and accidental steps on newly borns can be hilarious. But there are times where the dubbing is just annoying, and the films seems to be nothing buy long, even though they always try to keep us entertained.

The gore in the film is good, not great. It has better gore than many independent films, that's for sure, and I especially liked all the scenes with intestines and guts being pulled out. The chopping of the penis wasn't as cruel and brutal as a scene like that can be, and I think it's because it felt like the penis was way too easy to cut through, so you never really got to think about it. A nice touch with that scene was after it was off, when he was digging in the hole where the penis recently was attached, and he pulled out the balls. That felt alot more painful. And I love that they got the impalement scene of "Cannibal Holocaust" into the film, and done right too. Good job on the gore, I guess.

"Isle Of The Damned" could've been about 30 minutes shorter and still have all the best part intact. It's hard to not laugh at times, but I really got bored between those times. The gore was nice and we got enough of it, and I feel that if they took the film more serious (and I don't mean making it a serious film, just not trying to make it too stupid), it could've been an excellent parody of a forgotten genre. Check this one out because of the fact that it's a cannibal parody. Don't expect much more than a couple of laughs, some perversion, like rabbit fucking and mass-sodomy, and some gore.

Positive things:
- The big mask one cannibal wore was kickass. It deserves it's own movie!
- Over the top violence and sex/perversion.
- The soundtrack was perfect, I have to give it that.
- It's a cannibal parody!
- The scenes of wild animals, even though they obviously were from a zoo or something like that.
Negative things:
- Long.
- They made it way too stupid than it had to be. Much because of the...
- ...horrible (intentional) dubbing.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3/5

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