Title: I Sold My Soul To Satan

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Runtime: 75 min

Director: David Gaz, Alex Vazart

Writer: David Gaz, Kevin Poore, Michael Albanese

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1509241/

A film crew takes a look at the practice of making a deal with the devil as a man attempts to sell his soul to Satan in order to get ahead in life.

Our Thoughts:
I hate to break to would-be filmmakers out there but just because you follow somebody around and film them and their activities, doesn't mean what you're making is a documentary. At the core of a documentary is a thesis: they look to understand or examine an idea by asking questions and looking for answers by exploring the concept from different angles. (Or if you're going to follow somebody around then pick someone who is worth following around.) "I Sold My Soul To Satan" does none of these things and is seventy-five minutes of pure bullshit that attempts to guise itself in the form of a documentary and reality TV. Not sure why it is considered to be reality TV or why they talk about getting people to sell their souls on TV since it's a feature length movie. Then again, I don't care and it's just one more idiotic thing about the movie.

A group of "filmmakers" set up a casting call for people who want to sell their soul to the devil on TV. So we get a montage of a varying degree of people who all have their reasons for wanting to sell their souls to the devil -- the majority of the reasons being greed and being to lazy to actually work for anything. The "winner" of the contest was Kai Blackwood, a wannabe glam rock star who's looking to get ahead in life. Oddly enough, he justifies my claims of calling these contestants lazy when he talks to the camera and explains why he's doing this:

"That's why I'm sitting here trying to sell my soul for things that I should have worked for..."

Thanks, Kai. This movie even fails at getting me to feel for Kai or why I should care and understand why he's going through this. They spend a whole five minutes of Kai talking to the camera and basically explains that he has regrets about not doing things differently in his past so that he can have the things he thinks he deserves in the present. Basically, he suffers the same problems that EVERYONE does except most people actually make an effort to make the changes that they need. Instead Kai wants to take the path that requires the least amount of effort with instant gratification and as a result makes me think and care very little for him and what he does.

Now I don't think that this movie is bullshit because I don't believe in it (I actually do find the world of the occult fascinating) but it's because NOBODY involved in this movie believes in it. Up until the actual ceremony Kai and the people behind the movie spend a majority of the time taking the piss out of the whole process and idea. Not even in post-production did they take this seriously when they were editing it together which makes the whole thing feel pointless to watch. It also makes it feel like everyone behind the movie is simply giving me the finger for watching it.

Again, the point of a documentary is to examine a question, idea, thought, etc. In "I Sold My Soul To Satan" it's a group of assholes following around a particular asshole who is looking for a shortcut through life by participating in a process that they obviously don't think is real or don't believe in. So why make it? Why expect people to watch it and why expect people to pay to see it if you can't be respectable towards the subject matter and treat it like a real documentary? There could have been something decent if the movie would have looked at the cultural impact of Satanism and the act of selling one's soul. There could have been something if it would have explored the history of it and the various religious ideals on the subject. Instead I get to watch some random person, who I could not give a shit less about, go to a lawyer and have him help draw up the contract with Satan so there are no loop holes.

This review is particularly hostile because I really don't appreciate my time being wasted on movies where people don't put in an effort or in the case of "I Sold My Soul to Satan", where the people involved are doing little more than fucking around. Some how they managed to find a woman who was very knowledgeable about the occult and the practice of making a deal with the devil and instead of putting together a piece that examines that process. I have to watch a guy in his thirties make stupid faces while he buys supplies for the ritual and do idiotic things, like tape plastic bags to his hands instead of using up rubber gloves like he is suppose to. There's nothing clever here. There was no thought put into this. It's an utter waste of time. They try to legitimize it by interviewing Kai a year later (They interview him in an abandoned house because that's all spooky 'n stuff...Assholes.) and he talks about all the "bad stuff" that happened and then mention that he directed an award winning short and feature length film. So could it all be real? No. No it's not, simply because if Satan was real he would not associate himself with anybody who was involved in the making of this goddamn movie.

Positive things:
- I highly enjoy the fact that if you Google search Kai Blackwood one of the first results you get is the definition of "Douche Bag" from the site Urban Dictionary.

Negative things:
- Not a documentary. Not sure what it is besides assholes walking around filming someone being stupid and doing stupid things in the name of instant gratification.
- "Oh sorry, I didn't get what you were saying because of your amazing lisp."
- Sorry, the few legitimate interviews can't save this nonsense or make it actually seem professional.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

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